“Alexa, tell Gigaset I’m going now” – Smart home alarm system connects to Amazon Alexa
23. April 2018

The Gigaset elements alarm system now also connects to Amazon’s cloud-based Alexa voice service, thus offering users even more convenience. Since its launch some years ago, Gigaset’s alarm system has offered a reliable solution for protecting the home against burglary, theft, fire and water, as well as numerous other options for users to make their more

New Gigaset elements Smart Home water sensor warns about flooding!
21. February 2018

Extension to the Gigaset elements security solution in the shape of a battery-operated sensor “water”. Protection against water, measurement of relative humidity and room temperature Anyone thinking that smart home solutions are nothing but unnecessary bells and whistles is soon taught otherwise by the new Gigaset elements sensor “water”. The battery-driven sensor can prevent a more