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The smartphone as a toolbox: 5 practical apps for DIY enthusiasts

29. March 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

Those who can still remember a time without smartphones may also remember the nineties cult sitcom “Listen to Who’s Hammering”. Long before do-it-yourself or DIY became a megatrend, Tim Allen impersonated the handyman king Tim Taylor. He hosts the do-it-yourself programme “Tool Time”. In the process, he usually fails magnificently in his presentations and his tips are at the very least questionable from a craftsman’s point of view. In the nineties, help via smartphone or special apps for DIY enthusiasts was still a long way off.

Wide range of apps for DIY enthusiasts

It’s a good thing that the series is fictional and that today digitalisation has also found its way into the hands of craftsmen and tinkerers. Because there are now many helpful smartphone apps for all those who like to do things themselves at home. The smart helpers offer inspiration. They support the planning of projects. And they sometimes even replace the toolbox. Here we briefly present the best apps for DIY enthusiasts.

Apps for DIY enthusiasts #1: RoomSketcher

Some professional craftsmen have the finished room in front of their eyes from the very beginning. In contrast, some amateur craftsmen do not know where their efforts will lead until shortly before finishing the project. The app “RoomSketcher” has been developed to solve this problem. With it, projects can be planned in the best possible way thanks to floor plans in 2D and 3D. In addition, the rooms reproduced online can be furnished with furniture and decorative objects. Particularly interesting: with so-called 3D inspections, you can take a virtual look at the room already in the planning phase. The DIY app impresses with its intuitive operation and great results.

RoomSketcher Google Play

RoomSketcher App Store

Apps for DIY enthusiasts #2: Dulux Visualizer

Colours influence the perception of a room: light or pastel shades open up rooms. They make small rooms seem lighter and larger. Dark colours make rooms look narrower, but also cosier and more comfortable. That’s why they are often used in cosy bars. So if you are planning to redecorate your own four walls, you should choose your new colour scheme carefully.

Dulux, the manufacturer of wall paints, supports hobby painters willing to renovate with a smartphone application. With this app for DIY enthusiasts, the individual desired colour shade can be applied directly to a wall thanks to augmented reality – and the result can be saved as a photo. The so-called colour selection function has proven to be particularly practical: Select any colour from your surroundings with the smartphone camera and receive matching product suggestions as well as trendy colour combinations.

Dulux Visualizer Google Play
Dulux Visualizer App Store

Apps for DIY enthusiasts #3: Toolbox

Ok, so far it’s been more about planning and visualising. But now it’s time to get to work. And with an app for DIY enthusiasts that replaces several tools at once: Toolbox.

Anyone who now expects their smartphone to turn into a hammer drill will unfortunately be disappointed. But for all those who like to work precisely, the app is an indispensable helper. It combines a protractor, spirit level, caliper, plumb bob and decibel knife. What’s it good for? At least you know what you’re doing to your neighbourhood with the hammer drill…

Werkzeugkiste Google Play
Werkzeugkiste App Store

Apps for DIY enthusiasts #4: heyOBI

Almost every major hardware store chain offers its own app. We particularly liked the DIY app from OBI. The little all-rounder combines many different functions.

The dedicated DIY enthusiast will find a myriad of instructions and tutorials for all kinds of work. For the trip to the hardware store, the app has a navigator ready that takes the horror out of every visit to the hardware store. It simply guides you to the right place in the right aisle – directly to the product you want. The absolute highlight, however, is the advice function: Simply select the desired expert and get the best tips from the professional via e-mail or video chat.

heyOBI Google Play
heyOBI App Store

Apps for DIY enthusiasts # 5: Bosch Toolbox

For all DIY enthusiasts who are about to take their unofficial exam to become a master craftsman, we recommend the Bosch Toolbox. It is actually made for professional craftsmen. But it also has exciting functions for dedicated amateurs.

Thanks to the unit calculator, you can elegantly juggle distances, areas, pressures, speeds and much more. With the measurement camera, time-consuming sketches are a thing of the past. Measurements can be conveniently entered into a photo previously taken with the smartphone camera. And if things get a bit more complicated, even drawings and audio comments can be integrated.

So especially for planning and carrying out larger projects, it’s worth taking a look at this comprehensive app for advanced DIYers.

Bosch Toolbox Google Play
Bosch Toolbox App Store

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