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7 Essential tips for smartphone care: Protect your device

7. September 2023 Published by Raphael Doerr

In today’s digitalised world, the smartphone plays a central role in our lives. Therefore, smartphone care is essential to maintain the functionality and efficiency of your device. In this post, we give you seven professional tips to not only protect your smartphone externally, but also to keep it safe from potential security threats.

  1. ensure physical protection

Sturdy cases and display protection: Choosing a sturdy case and a high-quality bulletproof glass film can significantly help to protect your device from bumps and scratches. Careful cleaning of the display before use is essential.

  1. security against viruses

Official app stores and security apps: Downloading apps only from trusted sources and using security apps will protect your device from viruses and allow you to delete unnecessary data and check battery performance.

  1. manage interfaces wisely

Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC on the move: By disabling these functions, especially when conducting sensitive transactions such as online banking, you minimise the risk of third-party access.

  1. encryption as standard

Lock code and app encryption: Using a lock code and special apps to encrypt individual applications is a key to smartphone care.

  1. rational battery use

Energy-saving mode and management of open apps: Conscious use of the battery can increase its life. Closing unneeded apps and activating the energy-saving mode are recommended for this.

  1. protection against extreme environmental influences

Temperature management: Avoiding extreme temperatures protects the battery and display from permanent damage.

  1. careful cleaning

Special cleaning agents and microfibre cloth: Cleaning the smartphone is essential, but aggressive agents should be avoided. A microfibre cloth is suitable for daily care.

Smartphone care is far more than an aesthetic; it is a necessity to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your device. With these 7 tips, you can proactively extend the life of your smartphone and ensure seamless operation. Your investment in maintenance will pay off in the long run by minimising the need for costly repairs and protecting your device from potential threats.

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