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Cut heating costs and save energy – with a smart home

25. January 2022 Published by Jana Greyling

Energy and heating are making headlines and the CO2 price is rising. We face a 13% increase in heating costs in 2021 according to a forecast by co2online, a non-profit consulting company. That’s no surprise – the heating is the biggest energy guzzler in the home and also causes by far the highest CO2 emissions. So there isn’t much good news on the housekeeping budget and climate protection front – or is there? Well there is: Cutting heating costs with a smart home has never been as easy and effective as it is now.

co2online also states that 90% of all households in Germany already pay too much to keep their home warm and could save hundreds of euros with the right means. No one has to wait until wearing puffer jackets indoors is the done thing or the house has finally undergone a thermal refurbishment. You can cut heating costs with a smart home right away. A smart thermostat is installed in a jiffy, has a significant positive impact on your monthly budget, and also enhances convenience.

Anyone who already has smart home devices and a smart means of controlling the heating knows that. Any if you don’t – well, a whole new world awaits you in the truest sense of the word. A good start to cutting heating costs with a smart home is, for example, the Gigaset Heating Pack.

Luxury and convenience have never been so sensible

You want to sleep in a cool room and get up in the morning to a warm bathroom and kitchen? No problem. Or come back to a warm and cozy home after a long walk in the snow? As good as done. Do you give rooms a short, intense airing, but forget about the heating? Never again.

All that is possible with an easy-to-install combination of smart thermostats and a base station that interconnects everything. The latter is connected to an app that can be used to regulate the temperature – from anywhere and, of course, automatically to suit your daily and sleep routine. Smart window sensors can also be added to the smart heating system. They detect whether the window is closed, open or tilted. Cutting heating costs with a smart home is thus even more efficient and also reduces your ecological footprint sharply.

And once you’ve introduced a new feel-good factor into your life, you’re ready for the next step: operating the equipment with an intelligent voice control system.

Alexa, turn up the temperature in the bathroom!

Now, as soon as the alarm has hopefully done its job gently, all you need to say is: Alexa, turn up the temperature in the bathroom!

Or even: Alexa, tell Gigaset I’m getting up now.

It goes without saying that the smart thermostats can also be connected with another voice control system, such as Google Home or Philips Hue. No matter what device is used, an individually created voice command not only regulates the smart heating, but also attunes the whole home to your personal morning routine.

So, cutting heating costs with a smart home is not only sensible but also effortless – and luxurious. Because everything can be configured: from the temperature in the bathroom, the right lighting, to starting of your shower playlist. And you can define your own automated standards, and so precisely set how the home is to respond for the rest of the day and night. You can spontaneously fulfill wishes and control everything with the app when you’re out and about or using the voice control system while lounging on your couch. You don’t even have to put your cup of tea down.

Winter is harsh enough as it is. There’s no reason to freeze unnecessarily – not even in view of high energy prices. So, start cutting heating costs with a smart home right now. And make sure your own home is always warm at the right time and the right place.

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