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DECT Award 2021: Gigaset smart care reaps high praise from the DECT Forum

10. November 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

The DECT Forum is the international association of the wireless home and enterprise communication industry and every year it presents awards in four categories for the best brands in the DECT industry. This year, Gigaset impressed the jury with its smart care portfolio, capturing an award in the “Care and Security” category and reaping high praise.

DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a wireless standard that is used particularly often in fixed-line phones. A DECT system always contains two components that constantly communicate with each other. They are a base station, also called the fixed part, and at least one handset. The base station forms the bridge between the telephone and Internet connection and the handsets. The handset is usually the cordless phone, but can also be a headset, mobile phone or smart home sensor. Gigaset uses this technology in its phones and in its Smart Home segment.

An important part of Gigaset’s Smart Home segment is the Gigaset smart card portfolio, which has been developed to fulfill elderly people’s wish to lead an independent life in their own home for as long as possible. The smart sensors in combination with the smart care app can impart that reassuring sense of security and allow us to live longer in our own four walls. The sensors and motion sensors from Gigaset’s smart care range can be affixed simply at the desired places (in a room or on windows and doors) in a senior citizen’s home and configured individually using the smart care app. The system thus detects right away if there are irregularities in someone’s daily routine and notifies family members reliably by a push message or a phone call in the event of an alarm.

The “Care and Security” category in the DECT Award 2021 included companies whose DECT solutions offer help in protecting the home or office and in caring for the sick or weak. Gigaset lined up with its smart care solution and won over the high-caliber jury. The DECT Award 2021 was presented in a virtual ceremony at the annual meeting of members of the DECT Forum.

Edgar Schollmeyer

“We’re truly very proud of this prestigious award. The endorsement and praise from the DECT Forum are confirmation for us that we’re on the right path with our products and give many people a precious feeling of security and enable them to live longer in their own four walls. We feel it’s very important to make a real difference in people’s everyday life,” says Edgar Schollmeyer, VP Product House Smart Care at Gigaset.

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