Klaus Weßing in an interview with “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft TV”

28. March 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset’s CEO Klaus Weßing was a guest at the TV studio of “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” on March 12, 2019. The interview focused on Gigaset’s transformation since 2008 – the year it was sold by and hived off from Siemens –, but above all on the years since 2016, during which time Klaus Weßing has steered the company in a new direction and put it on a broader footing in his role as CEO.

The German business portal “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft” titled its program: Smartphone “Made in Germany” – or, to be more exact, produced in Bocholt? That can be done successfully, as proven by the internationally operating Gigaset AG, which is mainly known to date for its DECT cordless phones. Yet this success story from Germany and today’s hidden champion has had an eventful history and is a prime example of the transformation toward Industry 4.0 and digitalization faced by many companies in Germany.

CEO Klaus Weßing is the man driving change at Gigaset AG. In an interview with Anna Schäfer, he describes the challenges the company has had to contend with since being carved out from Siemens in 2008. The sometimes painful restructuring measures were accompanied by a comprehensive reorganization of the company, rigorous reorientation toward new products, such as smartphones and smart home, and a major innovation drive in all areas.

With its Professional, Smart Home and Smartphones segments, Gigaset AG has not only opened up new markets alongside its traditional core business of DECT cordless phones, but has also managed to accomplish the feat of making products at its Bocholt location highly profitably and competitively by committing itself wholeheartedly to what is commonly termed Industry 4.0. That includes using robot systems and man-machine collaboration.

You can watch the full interview here

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