Communication made appealingly simple: the new Gigaset E290 models

29. July 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

Balance between easy-to-use technology and elegant design

The focus of the new Gigaset E290 is on easy everyday use without any superfluous technical frills and with solid, dependable features. The device comes in a very modern design and boasts generously dimensioned keys, a large easy-to-read display and an ergonomic shape. The E290A version also has an integrated answering machine, while there is also the HX handset E290HX, which is suitable for direct use with all DECT and CATiq routers and as a supplementary handset for Gigaset systems.

Gigaset and its products have always delivered uncompromising telephony at excellent value for money. The company, which has a long and rich tradition and is based in Bocholt, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has again demonstrated that with the launch of its new large-button phone Gigaset E290 from the “life series,” a portfolio of products developed for people with special needs in terms of their sense of hearing, sight and touch. Special features, such as the particularly loud and so clearly audible ringtones, structures on the side of the handset to provide additional grip, and extremely simple plug & play installation make the Gigaset E290 models the perfect phone for special with special requirements.


The new Gigaset E290 – modern in design, easy-to-use technology

Clarity writ large

The large illuminated and clearly labeled individual buttons of the Gigaset E290 are a big help for anyone who does not have their glasses at hand. The ergonomic keypad can be locked with the # button to prevent inadvertent calls. The two freely assignable speed dial keys ensure quick and easy access to frequently dialed numbers.

The contrast of the large illuminated 2” black-and-white display can be customized. The revised user interface offers jumbo mode – where the display is set to maximum size when “best legibility” mode is chosen – and single icon mode, where the menu icons are shown as individual symbols.

The intuitive menu navigation in various languages impresses with its ease of use thanks to text-based sub-menus and function keys. The particularly large phone book with space for up to 150 entries is especially important for elderly customers who still use a cordless phone as their main means of communication. Further convenience features, such as a blacklist for unwanted (cold) calls or the integrated baby phone for when the grandchildren stay the night, round out the E290’s features.

Audio functions that make listening a delight

Apart from a rich variety of melodies to choose from to signal incoming calls, the Gigaset E290 has a number of especially loud and clearly audible ringtones with a frequency range to suit the hearing of senior citizens. The volume of the ringtone can be adjusted in five levels and increased significantly with the new Audio Boost function. The handset also boasts hearing aid compatibility, has a handsfree function and impresses with its top-class audio and especially clear voice quality. And lengthy calls are no longer any problem thanks to a talk time of around 10 hours.

The new Gigaset E290 models are now available in the colors black and white from retailers and the Gigaset online shop. The RRPs of the Gigaset E290, E290A and E290HX models are €39.99, €49.99 and €39.99 respectively.

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