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Efficient, flexible, convenient: Gigaset Smart Home offers intelligent solutions for your own four walls

21. June 2022 Published by Jana Greyling

Gigaset has operated in the smart home arena since 2012. What began as a security solution was expanded a little later to include convenience and energy management features. Gigaset now offers a versatile, convenient and efficient system for a wide range of different applications. The new explainer video presents its advantages in a few minutes.

Simply live the smart way, keep full control of energy and costs, and make life easier for yourself. The Gigaset smart comfort products enable you to control radiators, for example, to suit your exact needs – anytime, anywhere. Store your set daily routines or regulate the temperature spontaneously by app. The Gigaset smart plug also lets you turn lights on and off to reflect the time of day. So you can now enjoy a home that thinks for itself day after day.

Smart all-round networking

This intelligent means of control increases security, efficiency and convenience in your home. Simply use the Gigaset elements app to access your smart comfort products and regulate devices spontaneously – from wherever you happen to be. Your smart comfort products are also compatible with further smart home sensors, such as the “door,” “window” or “universal” sensors from Gigaset elements. The sensors detect whether windows or doors are open, and the thermostat automatically turns down the temperature in the living room, for example.

Everything under control with the elements app

Did I lock the door? Are all the windows closed? Will no one break in when I’m away on vacation? Sometimes we’re overcome by nasty feelings like that. However, these worries are a thing of the past thanks to the Gigaset elements app. The app is the central hub for controlling and protecting your smart home – and lets you see what’s going on in it.

You can use the Gigaset elements app to check windows and doors fitted with sensors or to see a screenshot from your indoor WLAN camera. The app offers a total of four alarm modes. “Out of House” (if no one is at home), “At Home” and “Individual” (to monitor a single floor, for example) and “Night.” If an alarm is triggered, you are informed immediately via push message or e-mail. In addition, the siren sounds and all the lights in the home go on, for instance. All events (such as motions or alarms) detected by the sensors are displayed in your app’s event list.

Data protection is writ large

Data protection is a prime concern for us. Gigaset attaches very great importance to keeping your personal data confidential. We ensure data security by means of protective mechanisms at three levels. You can find an overview of our security precautions here.

Protected data transmission in the smart home

We protect you against hacking. The sensors and base station are connected using the DECT ULE wireless technology, which offers an extremely high level of protection against hacking. The technology is also very low-interference and energy-saving. Data is transferred securely by means of a 128-bit key (AES). Proximity pairing, where the sensor and base station are a meter apart at most, means that you are protected from hacking even when registering the sensor.

Smart home with a secure connection to the cloud

The Gigaset base station establishes a secure connection to the Gigaset Cloud. Here, too, we ensure the highest level of security: The data stream between the cloud and base station is secured externally in a VPN tunnel.  By using the VPN tunnel to the cloud, you do not have to release any ports locally. As a result, there are no vulnerabilities for potential attacks on your Internet router.

Cloud protected by security tools

The cloud is at the heart of the Gigaset alarm system. This is where all the relevant information is collated before being routed securely to the app and then to your smartphone — no matter where in the world you are currently located. The cloud is protected by all the usual security tools. Constant development and updates mean that our security measures are always state of the art. Gigaset uses only the data that is necessary to provide the service. Sensor data is stored separately from your personal data. Good to know: The Gigaset cloud is hosted on ultra-secure German servers at a site in Frankfurt am Main.

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