Christine Heilenz mit GIA.21 Corporate Award

Gigaset wins German Influencer Award: GIA.21 Corporate for Social Media Team

7. June 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

The GIA.21 Corporate, the equivalent of the German Influencer Award, for the first time honored the best social media presences of German-speaking companies. The primary criteria were the company’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Xing. Gigaset’s social media activities were convincing and won the “Best Activity” award. A great success and an important recognition in the context of the company’s digital agenda.

On March 30, the GIA.21 Corporate Social Media Awards honored the social media activities of participating companies in 30 categories. Five companies will be honored in each category. In addition to the first-place winner in each category, four “Special Mentions” will be awarded in the areas of Activity, Appearance, Content and Community.

The German Influcencer Award Corporate is the counterpart to the German Influencer Award, which honored creative and outstanding influencers for the first time in 2020. This makes it the only independent German award for influencers and digital creators to date.

German Influencer Award – important distinction for Gigaset

Gigaset’s corporate communications team has been successfully driving social media since 2013. Now the team’s activities have led to the GIA.21 Corporate award. “Even when we received the nomination, it was an honor for us,” says Christine Heilenz, Senior Manager Social Media at Gigaset. “As a medium-sized company, we saw ourselves surrounded by big players such as Allianz, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Eon, Siemens, IKEA, ALDI, Deutsche Telekom, BASF and many others whose social media departments and budgets are on a completely different scale.”

Klaus_Weßing_Dark_NDKlaus Weßing, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Gigaset AG, is correspondingly proud: “Over the past few years, Gigaset has undergone a radical digitization process in all areas, from product development to sales. I’m delighted that our corporate communications, which is also responsible for social media, is playing a pioneering role here and can prove our ‘Best in Class’ claim with another award.”


Content, creativity and commitment tip the scales

In addition to content, creativity, engagement and lived brand identity, the German Influencer Award Corporate expert panel also evaluates how brands interact with their communities. The declared aim is “to award special corporate presences that understand how to be perceived as influencers:in the social networks.”

The main criterion for the “Best Activity” award for Gigaset in the telecommunications sector was the total number of posts in 2021, with elaborate posts, e.g. video content & graphically complex content, and posts with a clear added value in terms of content having more weight than simple image posts. Furthermore, the expert council evaluated post diversity, i.e. the variety of formats, as well as the use of platform-specific post options and tools. As the “Best Activity” winner, Gigaset achieved the highest score in the industry, or category, for these criteria. The overall winner in the telecommunications category was Deutsche Telekom – putting Gigaset in good company.

“A great success and proof of the impact of our fully integrated digital PR and social media strategy,” said Raphael Dörr, SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset. “Receiving the German Influencer Award Corporate underscores that our agenda of positioning Gigaset in a modern, innovative and approachable way to a broad-based target group is successful.”

All winners of the GIA.21 Corporate can be viewed here.

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