Gigaset voted IP Phone Manufacturer of the Year

2. June 2021 Published by Raphael Doerr

Connect, Europe’s biggest telecommunications magazine, asked its readers to vote. More than 78,000 readers chose the best networks, services and manufacturers in 20 categories. In the meantime, that has become a tradition, and the Connect readers’ poll also has a particularly critical jury, namely the readers themselves. Alongside many other prestigious companies, Gigaset was chosen in this poll as Manufacturer of the Year for IP phones.

More than 30 years’ DECT experience with the highest standard of quality “Made in Germany” make Gigaset a pioneer not only in the smart home, smartphones and professional sectors, but also for landline telephony. Through its blend of a strong innovation culture and the philosophy of a dependable company with a long tradition, Gigaset proves that it is always on the cutting edge especially in its core expertise of landline telephony, and continuously gears its products successfully to the different needs of consumers.

Best manufacturer for IP telephony

The discerning readers of the prestigious technology magazine Connect also recognized this expertise this year and once again expressed their satisfaction with Gigaset’s products by voting it the best manufacturer for IP telephony.

The decision by the Connect readers, especially during this time when the landline has experienced a renaissance since the pandemic began, is further confirmation of their trust. It is specifically this trust by consumers in Gigaset that provides additional motivation to put all our innovative strength into further expanding the product portfolio, always with an eye on what consumers want. This mutual appreciation has a long tradition at Gigaset and will remain a lasting feature.

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