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Gigaset picks up award for the third time and remains one of Germany’s favorites

14. June 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

In cooperation with BILD, the analysis institute ServiceValue asked consumers about their favorite providers in a large-scale study. If customers are satisfied with a service provider or vendor, they will recommend them to others – and recommendations from friends and acquaintances are more important to consumers than ever before. Given the large choice of vendors and service providers on the market, a recommendation among friends is better than any form of advertising. The favorites of German customers were put under the microscope in the latest study. Once again this year, Gigaset managed to win the rating “high overall satisfaction” in the “Security” industry.

The Germany-wide consumer survey, which was conducted independently of the assessed companies, compared a total of 1,912 vendors, retailers and service providers from 142 industries. A total of 445,362 consumer opinions were obtained between January and February 2022. Respondents were asked to state in an online access panel which vendors were particularly satisfactory in terms of price, product, service and overall offering. They were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the various companies and indicate whether they would choose the provider again the next time. The specific question asked in the study was:

“Please assess the following providers based on your own experience. How great is your overall satisfaction? Please state your opinion based on all aspects of relevance to you personally, such as price, product and brand, also taking into account the extent to which you would choose the provider again.”

The persons surveyed were able to choose from a scale of five responses to voice their degree of satisfaction with vendors and service providers: “very high overall satisfaction” (1), “high overall satisfaction” (2), “moderate overall satisfaction” (3), “low high overall satisfaction” (4) and “very low high overall satisfaction” (5). There was also the alternative option: “Cannot assess.”

After the results had been analyzed, an average was determined for each company. If the average for a company in the industry in question is lower (in other words, better) than the average for that industry, the company is ranked as delivering “high overall satisfaction.” Gigaset is one of them and was awarded the rating “high overall satisfaction” in the “Security” industry.

“Gigaset has once again managed to impress with its smart home portfolio. We’re delighted to be one of the favorites of German customers. It means a lot to us to get such an endorsement from customers,” says Roland Mäsing, VP Smart Home at Gigaset. “Given the large choice of vendors and service providers on the market, a recommendation among friends is better than any form of advertising. We’re delighted that we continue to be perceived so positively and recommended as a smart home provider. That’s proof that customers are satisfied with what we offer and our products have that something that makes them stand out from the broad competition.”

The full survey and its results are published here – and you can see how the favorites in the category of security are ranked here.

Gigaset ’s smart home solutions

Gigaset has offered smart home solutions since 2012. A broad range of products and services for customers has emerged over time, serving three core areas: smart security – to protect the home against burglary and damage by the elements. smart control – for full control over energy and costs. And smart care – for rapid help in the event of an emergency at home.

The system and its components impress with the ease with which they can be installed and put into operation, cloud- and app-based components and services, particularly high security and data protection as a result of server hosting in Germany, and maximum flexibility due to the fact that different sensors and components can be combined easily.

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