Gigaset Prime Time: Get 30% off all Smart Home products with the 2022 summer promotion!

13. July 2022 Published by Jana Greyling

Already enjoying that summer feeling? With temperatures of up to 30 degrees, dreams of white beaches and crystal-clear water can no longer be suppressed. For many, summer holidays are just around the corner, but despite all the anticipation, many people are also worried about the home they will leave behind while on holiday. Is my home sufficiently protected from burglars? And what if there is a leak or even a fire? With the Gigaset Prime Time Summer Campaign 2022, customers can protect their home from these looming dangers, so that this year’s summer holiday will also be carefree.

Thanks to the Alarm Systems S, M and L and their sensors, Gigaset Smart Home users can start their summer holiday without any worries. Whether the home is a large house or a small city flat, the alarm systems from Gigaset are the perfect security solution because the smart sensors carefully watch over every home.

The Alarm System S effectively secures the home from burglars with a universal sensor for doors or windows, a motion sensor and an alarm siren. If additional sensors for doors and windows are required, the Alarm System M is the perfect solution. The Alarm System L is ideal for taking a look inside the home, as it also includes the Gigaset Indoor Cam. If an uninvited guest nevertheless tries to enter, the sensors react immediately. A loud and deterrent alarm siren sounds, while the system informs its users quickly and reliably via the smartphone.

Protection against natural disasters

With Gigaset’s smart home solutions, you don’t have to worry about a tap that hasn’t been turned off or a forgotten hotplate while you were actually just about to get cosy next to the pool. The Gigaset Elementary Pack with smoke and water sensors keeps an eye on the home better than any house sitter.

The Gigaset smoke alarm reports smoke development with a loud alarm. Users are immediately informed of the smoke alarm via the app. The Gigaset smoke detector works without an Internet connection and also scores points with a battery that lasts ten years.

The Gigaset Water Detector registers impending water damage and warns users immediately via app in the event of water leakage from leaking dishwashers and washing machines. The water detector also works without a connection to the Internet and is equipped with a battery that lasts five years. It is compatible with the Gigaset S, M, and L alarm systems, guaranteeing that worries about outdated electrical appliances and unattended dishwashers are a thing of the past. So the neighbours no longer need to drop by the house while we’re enjoying our holiday.

Measure and save electricity

The new Plug 2.0 from Gigaset can precisely control how much energy flows through various electrical appliances thanks to its built-in consumption detection. Integrated into the Gigaset Smart Home System, the Plug 2.0 can be used to switch any device on and off – no matter where you are. This gives us full control over energy, costs and effort even on holiday!

The Gigaset Prime Time Smart Home Summer Promotion 2022 starts on Wednesday, 13 July and runs until Sunday, 17 July 2022. The promotion is aimed at Gigaset new and existing customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. During the promotion period, customers will receive a 30% discount on the entire Gigaset smart home portfolio in the Gigaset Online Shop.

As soon as the desired products have been selected and are in the shopping basket, the voucher code “Primetime-30” can simply be entered under “Discount codes”. Once the voucher code has been entered, the discount for the products in the shopping basket is automatically included in the payment process. The payment process can then be completed as usual.



*Use the voucher code “Primetime-30” in the Gigaset Shop (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/) in the shopping cart under “Discount codes”. The 30% discount on all Smart Home products (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/smart-home/) except Smart Home Services (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/smart-home/smart-security/services/) will be deducted directly. Subsequent offsetting and cash payment is excluded. The voucher code cannot be combined with other voucher codes and discounts and is only valid while stocks last. The voucher code is valid from 13.07. up to and including 17.07.2022.

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