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Gigaset receives German Customer Award 2021/22

7. February 2022 Published by Jana Greyling

Customer satisfaction, whether in terms of service offering or value for money, is very important for both companies and the customers themselves. If customers are not satisfied, they will neither support nor recommend companies. For this reason, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien mbH (DtGV) investigated in its current survey called “German Customer Award 2021/22” how satisfied customers are with the customer service and the price-performance ratio of various providers in Germany. In the course of this study, Gigaset was named the winner for value for money in the “Smart Home Provider” category.

The “German Customer Award 2021/22” is a self-initiated online survey in which respondents could share their experiences with various companies in the areas of customer satisfaction, customer service and value for money. Gigaset therefore has no business relationship with the initiators of the study. Only opinions of people who were customers of the company being assessed in the last three years were included. Within the scope of the survey, more than 335,000 customer opinions were obtained on a total of 2,377 companies from 236 sectors. In the final evaluation, only those companies were considered for which at least 100 evaluations were submitted.

Respondents were asked to indicate how satisfied they are with the companies and providers they know by answering the following three easy-to-understand, experience-related questions:

  • Customer satisfaction: How satisfied are you as a customer of the following companies in the [xyz] industry?
  • Customer service: What is your experience with the customer service of the following companies in the [xyz] industry?
  • Price-performance ratio: How suitable do you find the performance of the following companies in the [xyz] industry in relation to the price demanded?

The assessment of the experiences took place in each case on a scale from 1 (disastrous) to 10 (outstanding). To determine the award winners, the scores of the companies examined were ranked both across industries and within their industry. After evaluating the results, Gigaset was able to secure first place in the “Smart Home Provider” category for price-performance.

The smart home system from Gigaset consists of many different sensors that make it possible to adapt the system to every situation in life. Whether with smart alarm systems, intelligent heating control or smart care solutions for people living alone – the Gigaset Smart Home System can increase security, efficiency and comfort in your own home.

“We are very proud of this result and of the award from DtGV,” says Roland Mäsing, VP Smart Home at Gigaset. “For us, quality, design and functionality have always been in the foreground and are also the critical benchmark for our product development. It is very important for us to deliver what we promise to our customers and this award is a confirmation that our strategy is working. We are pleased that our customers are so satisfied with the price-performance ratios. It also underlines the approach of our products, which are designed to make smart home possible for everyone with a broad product range.”

Further information on the current “German Customer Award 2021/22” study by DtGV can be found here.

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