All to yourself. But not alone. Gigaset smart care is on hand to help senior citizens and their relatives

12. September 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

It is not only young people who face the challenge of reconciling work and family. When your own parents need more attention at some time or other, your life is often turned upside down. Gigaset smart care enables the elderly to stay longer in their own home. The new intelligent senior citizens assistance system reliably informs relatives who look after and worry about them in the event of irregularities. With this further development of its tried-and-proven Smart Home system, Gigaset is helping to tackle the challenges arising from demographic change.

People in Germany are growing older and older – more than one-in-five citizens is already above the age of 65. That is attributable to medical progress and a reduction in physically demanding jobs – but mainly because people are now much more health-conscious, do sport and keep themselves mentally fit.

A new generation of senior citizens is emerging – they are full of life and regard retirement as a challenge. Travel, sport and use of the smartphone and Internet are increasingly important for them. They love their freedom and explicitly want to live independently and in their own four walls for as long as possible. Yet when their ability to care for themselves gradually wanes, that realization is all the more difficult to accept. When parents or grandparents suddenly need support, that often falls on their relatives – not least due to the increasing shortage of skilled care workers. That is no easy situation for the entire family after their loved ones have led a long, active and self-determined life. Gigaset has accompanied people for decades, giving them a sense of security with high-quality, refined products – especially in times where everything seems to be changing.

Now someone is always there – even though no one is there
Gigaset smart care watches out in the home for irregularities in the daily routine of elderly family members who live alone and reliably provides information by means of the smart care app or sounds an alarm by initiating a phone call. Various sensors on windows, on doors and in rooms detect whether someone is at home, the doors are open or closed or the windows are tilted. Rest periods, such as a afternoon nap, and the time they get up in the morning can also be recorded.

All daily habits are custom-configured using the Gigaset smart care app for smartphones. It is clear and easy to operate and can also be used to select who is notified in the event of deviations from the defined routines – for example when someone leaves the house at an unusual time. That gives relatives the assurance that family members who live on their own are alright. Care services can also be integrated so as to enable even more customized assistance. smart care means senior citizens can always be certain that a trusted person is notified quickly and directly whenever necessary.

Gigaset smart care thinks for itself

As with common emergency calls from home, a call for help can be issued at the touch of a button or automatically with the new senior citizens assistance system Gigaset smart care. However, the system can do a lot more thanks to its sensors and smart networking. It detects when people behave differently than usual – whether their sleep pattern changes, they miss meals or go to the bathroom more rarely than normal. By analyzing the complex sensor data, Gigaset smart care can also remind them to air rooms, eat and drink. The system puts people at its heart: Senior citizens are all to themselves in their familiar surroundings, but do not feel left alone. And relatives or care workers know at all times whether everything is alright or something is odd. They can then immediately take a decision on what is to be done.

Technology working for people

Gigaset smart care does not need any cables whatsoever – the universal sensors are battery-powered and are simply stuck to windows and doors. The sensors, motion sensors and alarm button communicate wirelessly with the base station, which is in constant dialog with the smart care app via the Gigaset cloud. Users of the app receive a push message in response to irregularities – no matter where they are. The Gigaset smart care plus package also comes with a senior-friendly Gigaset DECT phone that, in an emergency, establishes a connection with one of up to four defined phone numbers and automatically switches to handsfree mode when the call is taken. That means someone in need of help, for example after a fall, can still communicate.


The smart care app follows the logic of the traffic lights – people decide whether and how to act.

Gigaset smart care is based technically on the tried-and-tested Gigaset Smart Home system. All components are made in Germany subject to stringent quality controls and are particularly easy to install. Data security has top priority: The cloud is hosted only on servers in Germany. Gigaset smart care is certified with the seal of quality of the “Deutscher Seniorenlotse”. You can find more information at the Gigaset website.

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