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Gigaset Smart Care – that reassuring sense of security

23. January 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Smart care solutions can allow us to live longer in our own four walls and help alleviate the shortage of caregivers. A recent study shows that 89 percent of senior citizens have a very open-minded attitude toward digital assistant solutions that enable greater autonomy in old age.

Growth rates in excess of 50 percent

Experts forecast huge growth in smart home systems in the health and assisted living segment in Germany – to a volume of around €400 million in 2022. In particular in view of the massive investments the housing industry will make in energy management and building automation in the coming years, smart care concepts should be an integral part of modernization and new construction projects.

Seniors want smart care systems

Elderly people have a very keen interest in solutions for autonomous living, as demonstrated by surveys conducted by the Institute for the Digital Transformation of Application and Living Domains (IDiAL) at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Around three-quarters (73 percent) of the senior citizens surveyed were willing to redesign their home to suit their care requirements, for example, by integrating an automatic fall detection system. And the survey dispels the oft-cited notion that seniors baulk at such solutions because they lack digital skills and an affinity for technology. In fact, 89 percent of respondents said they could imagine obtaining additional technical support if they were in need of care.

The surveys’ results show that there is strong demand among the elderly for assistance systems for the home or in the field of care. And installing them might not even entail major conversion work in the home or costly investments – as demonstrated by Gigaset’s Smart Care solution, which is presented concisely here in the new explainer video. More information on Smart Care can be found here.

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