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Gigaset Smart Home products: Excellent quality

2. August 2021 Published by Jana Greyling

Buy cheap, you’ll buy twice! Most people know the saying, yet many consumers still repeatedly opt for cheaper models when it’s time to buy a new tool or home appliance. These models then often give up the ghost after only being used a few times. That’s why the ServiceValue analysis institute, in collaboration with Deutschland Test and Focus Online, has now carried out a study to look at the product quality of various companies and brands. In this study, Gigaset received the rating of “Excellent” in the “Security Technology” category.

These days, consumers are placing more and more emphasis on quality. Before making their purchase, they read test reports, and collect opinions from friends and acquaintance to ensure that the best product lands in their shopping cart – and sometimes also at a slightly higher price. But which brands offer the highest product quality from a consumer perspective?

To identify the companies with the best product quality, a total of 1,066 companies and brands from 59 different sectors were examined in this study, and assessed by consumers in terms of product quality. During the period from March to April 2021, around 180,000 opinions were collected using a large-scale online survey and evaluated. All the participants received a manageable selection of products to assess. They had to specify whether they as consumers had ever bought or used these products. Each brand was presented to 1,000 consumers for assessment.

The participants had to then answer the following question relating to the goods presented to them:

“How do you rate the overall product quality of the following brands from the sector […]? Please make your assessment based on your own consumer experience or consumer experience in the last 24 months.”

The answers could be given using a scale with six ratings (“excellent” (1), “very good” (2), “good” (3), “average” (4), “poor” (5), “very poor” (6) and “can’t judge”). After analyzing all the data, an empirical average was determined for each of the companies assessed. If this average is lower (in other words, better) than the average for the entire category, the company receives the rating “Excellent.”

Overall, Gigaset received a very good rating from the participants and, with a score of 2.62, was ranked among the companies with excellent product quality in the “Security Technology” sector.

“Getting this kind of confirmation from consumers is high praise for Gigaset,” says Roland Maesing, VP Smart Home at Gigaset. “We constantly strive to only produce the best quality of products for our customers. That is very important particularly in the smart home product segment, since customers are placing their trust in us to look after their home and keep it secure. That is a major and important task that we gladly and proudly accept.”

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