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A day in the Gigaset Smart Home

28. January 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

The smart home – a topic that’s on everyone’s lips. It feels like everyone’s talking about it and you’d almost think we all already live in one. But is that really the case? Or is there a wide gulf between what we imagine a smart home to be, why we want to live in one and what its advantages and disadvantages it entails?

The large number of applications causes confusion.

The biggest problem with the smart home is that no one knows exactly what it is. Some are fascinated about being able to switch the lights on and off with their smartphone, while others dream of futuristic scenarios in which their home is taken good care of, the devices function autonomously, and they don’t need to lift a finger.
As so often, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. There are many possibilities, depending on how deep your pocket is, and trade journals aren’t exactly averse to reporting daily on the latest, most expensive and most nonsensical trends and developments. But is that the smart home for everyone?

The smart home starts with protection and convenience

Studies have shown that the smart home mainly means protection and convenience for many people. How can I make sure everything’s fine at home when I’m not there? How can I automate simple, but bothersome manual activities? Those are everyday questions on the minds of anyone potentially interested in a smart home – and, of course, it all has to come at a reasonable price.

“A day in the Gigaset Smart Home” shows what a day in a smart home might look like and how Gigaset Smart Home products make everyday life easier. You can watch it here

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