A real help for seniors – the smart home!

20. August 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

7.53 billion people live on Earth, 83 million of them in Germany – more than ever before. That poses many challenges for society: Housing is in short supply, mobility and consumption habits are under discussion, and people are living increasingly longer. Almost 18 million people in Germany alone are aged 65 and above – and the figure is growing. Smart home can at least help solve one challenge – by making life simpler for the elderly.

Radiators that turn themselves on and off automatically, blinds that detect the sun’s position, height-adjustable curtain rails, and houses that think for themselves. Modern housing offers convenience by adapting to the way of life of its inhabitants. Some things are still a pipe dream, but there are already many possibilities to make your own four walls more intelligent. Elderly people want to stay in their own home for as long as possible – and smart home solutions can make a major contribution to that. If going shopping becomes too much of a burden, a growing number of supermarkets let you order online and deliver to your door. Yet there’s an even smarter way: In the future, the intelligent refrigerator could send your shopping list straight to the supermarket, make the order for you, and the food will then be delivered to your door.

Just gimmicks or genuine help?

For some people the technologies still come across as a gimmick. Yet there are already useful smart home solutions that actively ensure greater security within your own four walls. For example, Gigaset smart care: The senior citizens assistance system watches over whether there are irregularities in the daily routine of family members who live alone and informs worried relatives via the smart care app or initiates a phone call in the event of an alarm. Various sensors on windows, doors and in rooms detect whether someone is at home, the doors are open or closed or the windows are tilted.


The Gigaset smart care app uses a clear traffic light system

Gigaset smart care needs no cables, thus eliminating potential tripping hazards. The sensors are battery-powered and are stuck onto windows and doors. The Gigaset smart care plus package also comes with a senior-friendly Gigaset DECT phone that, in an emergency, establishes a connection with one of up to four defined phone numbers and automatically switches to handsfree mode when the call is taken. That means someone in need of help, for example, after a fall, can still communicate.

The solution also warns about water and smoke

Smart Home users also benefit from protection in other areas: The Gigaset water sensor sounds an alarm when water leaks out of the washing machine or dishwasher. If damp goes unnoticed, that can also have an impact on health: Mold spores and the first microorganisms can develop within just 24 hours. The Gigaset Smart Home app enables users to see the temperature and relative humidity in a room at any time. As a result, heating can be optimized and mold formation prevented. The Gigaset elementary pack also comes with a smoke detector that triggers an acoustic alert when smoke is detected.

Gigaset is committed to ensuring practical features and quick-and-easy installation of its Smart Home system. You can find useful tutorials on how to put the Gigaset Smart Home system into operation on the Gigaset YouTube channel.

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