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Making a smart home even smarter

14. September 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Summer is coming to an end and we are devoting more time to the inside of our own homes again after our favourite outdoor spots had captured our attention for most of the summer. That’s why Gigaset is now helping users prepare their homes for the many winter days at home with its new Smart Home 50% promotion. We’ll show you how to make your home cosier and smarter quickly and easily!

Did the day end up being a little longer than planned again causing you to arrive back home after dark, stumbling over shoes left in the now very dark hallway after a last minute shoe change before leaving for work this morning? Although the Gigaset Smart Home System doesn’t offer a clean-up service yet, this still sounds like the perfect time to make your home smarter.

Gigaset customers can now bring light into the dark hallway exactly when they need it. Used in combination, the Gigaset motion detector and the Gigaset plug are the ideal solution to this problem. When connecting a motion detector and a Gigaset smart plug, the light in the hallway can be made to switch on automatically as soon as someone comes home, making it easier to avoid the shoes left in the hallway or that cupboard you always stub your small toe on.

The Gigaset plug has also become even smarter. Customers can link a connected appliance or device to the plug and programme it to be switched on or off automatically with sunrise or sunset, for example. So, when the sun sets outside, the floor lamp in the living room automatically switches on. What could be smarter?

Gigaset’s online shop now supports users in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Switzerland who already have an existing smart home solution and want to expand it with motion detectors and smart plugs by providing them with the voucher code “Fifty” to be used in the online shop.

Customers can purchase individual motion detectors and plugs or they can opt for a pack of three of the desired device. Please note that for customers based in Switzerland only the Gigaset motion is included in the special offer.

As soon as the desired products have been selected and have been placed in the shopping cart the voucher code can simply be entered in the designated field. After the voucher code has been inserted the payment process will automatically deduct 50% of the cost of the products. The payment process can then be completed as usual.

By entering the voucher code “Fifty” at the checkout in the Gigaset online shop customers can save 50%* on the promotional products Gigaset plug and Gigaset motion during the promotion period running from 7 September 2020 to 21 September 2020.






*Use the coupon code “Fifty” in the Gigaset shop (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/) in the shopping cart under “Discount codes”. The 50% discount is deducted directly and applies to the products Gigaset plug Gigaset plugs (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/gigaset-plug/) and Gigaset motion (https://www.gigaset.com/de_de/gigaset-motion/). A subsequent offsetting and/or cash payment is excluded. The voucher cannot be combined with other discounts and is only valid while stocks last. The voucher code is valid from 07.09.2020 to 21.09.2020 inclusive. Only one coupon code per order can be redeemed. The coupon code is valid up to and including 21 September 2020.

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