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Minol Home – powered by Gigaset

14. October 2021 Published by Jana Greyling

Smart solutions for the real estate industry

Minol and Gigaset launch exclusive cooperation. As a partner to the housing industry, Minol will in future also offer solutions from Gigaset’s smart home and ambient assisted living segment alongside its own smart building services. The new portfolio is called Minol Home – powered by Gigaset and ranges from intelligent alarm systems, smart thermostats and smart plugs to clever assistance systems. The cooperation brings together innovative, technological know-how and decades of experience in the real estate industry. This combined expertise should in future give rise to further smart solutions for the housing industry.

Minol Home powered by Gigaset – the new product portfolio from the cooperation between Minol and Gigaset.

As one of the world’s leading service providers for the real estate industry Minol offers metering and IoT services, as well as equipment technology and smart solutions for heating and utility bills, and digital property management. The company from Leinfelden-Echterdingen in Baden-Württemberg also has turnkey solutions in its portfolio for new topics such as electromobility, sharing and tenant electricity. The cooperation between Minol and Gigaset in the field of smart home and ambient assisted living has now produced a new product portfolio: Minol Home – powered by Gigaset.

Minol Home – powered by Gigaset offers various product packages.

“It is primarily our customers in the real estate industry who benefit from this strategic partnership, since it offers them even more comprehensive services from a single source,” explains Andrea Krämer, Managing Director at Minol. “Gigaset and Minol share the same philosophy of jointly making urban living spaces more efficient, healthier, more secure and more sustainable. An especially important aspect of this for us is using intelligent solutions to also provide assistance for independent, self-determined living.” Technology from Minol is already in use in 1.7 million homes in Germany. The products from the joint smart home and ambient assisted living portfolio are now also available from Gigaset and Minol.
“Gigaset, like Minol, is a German company with a long tradition, constantly evolving with its solutions and services,” says Klaus Weßing, CEO at Gigaset. “The shared standard of high-quality customer-focused solutions, mutual trust, and ultimately also the geographic proximity played a key role in our desire to forge this partnership.”

Smart home from the outset

The intelligent networking of devices in buildings is regarded as one of the biggest technology growth fields in the years to come. A study by SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e. V. concludes that 40% of housing and real estate companies want to use smart home technologies in their properties. Gigaset is now contributing to the partnership with the entire bandwidth of its smart home expertise.

The latest device generation ONE X, the basis for the joint solution portfolio, works with the radio-based DECT ULE technology and is extremely energy-efficient and battery-powered. As a result, the individual devices can even be retrofitted in existing properties without any difficulty or major effort – an important aspect especially for rental properties. The cloud-based systems are constantly being enhanced and expanded – for example, with networked thermostats, water sensors to protect against water damage, or indoor and outdoor cameras that send pin-sharp images to the smartphone even at night thanks to infrared technology. So, no matter where you happen to be, you can always keep an eye on your home. Through the clever combination with the technologies from Minol, the solutions will help even more in the future to improve security and convenience, and reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions. Both Gigaset and Minol give top priority to data protection and cyber security, and host their cloud services in Germany.

Lead a self-determined life for longer

The clever assistance systems offer more security at home on the basis of smart home technology. Gigaset Smart Care can register irregularities in the daily routine of the residents and notify chosen trusted persons, for example, if someone leaves the home at an unusual time of day. Ambient assisted living solutions like these enable self-determined living, hence meeting what is a widespread wish shared by many people.

Through their cooperation, both Minol and Gigaset offer a comprehensive and innovative service package for the smart home and ambient assisted living. The target group for the solutions “Made in Germany” is the entire real estate industry. “Our long-term aim is to further expand the partnership with Minol,” explains Klaus Weßing. “Together, we want to develop new products and services for Minol’s customers, and create even more genuine value added for consumers.”

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