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New Gigaset elements Smart Home water sensor warns about flooding!

21. February 2018 Published by Jana Greyling

Extension to the Gigaset elements security solution in the shape of a battery-operated sensor “water”. Protection against water, measurement of relative humidity and room temperature

Anyone thinking that smart home solutions are nothing but unnecessary bells and whistles is soon taught otherwise by the new Gigaset elements sensor “water”. The battery-driven sensor can prevent a lot of damage and costs in an emergency. The examples are diverse, ranging from an overflowing bath to a leaky washing machine. “water” complements the security solution from Gigaset and dovetails seamlessly into the overall system.

Convenience and networking are especially important aspects in many modern apartments and houses. Whereas some of us are soon willing to spend a lot of money on entertainment solutions like sound and TV, we often neglect to lastingly optimize the standard of security in the home.

That is especially apparent when it comes to the issue of damage from water. Whether it occurs gradually or suddenly: The consequences are protracted, expensive and by no means the exception. A pipe bursts or a gasket becomes loose in Germany every 30 seconds. Over a million claims are reported to insurers every year[1]. Yet it does not always have to be a burst pipe. Leaking taps, over-aged washing machines and dishwashers, rarely used rooms such as hobby rooms or guest bathrooms – the risks are lurking everywhere.

“The first microorganisms and mold spores develop within 24 hours in connection with water damage or if the humidity in a room is too high,” states Raphael Dörr, Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset AG. “Alongside fire and the risk of burglary, water is one of the three elementary risks we actively counter with our solution and so ensure greater convenience and security for our users. Our smart home solution lets you create a good feeling in minutes.”

Compact, battery-driven, DECT ULE-based

The new Gigaset elements sensor “water” offers ideal protection against damage from water, yet is compact (55 x 55 x 27 mm) and weighs in at just 49 grams (including the battery). The sensor is integrated in the Gigaset Smart Home security system via DECT ULE, an especially secure and energy-saving standard. The battery that comes with it has a service life of around five years.

Since “water” does not need a power socket, it can be attached flexibly and do its job just about anywhere. The sensor itself comprises two parts connected by a 1.5-meter cable: the radio unit, which is attached by means of adhesive strips at a height of 1.3 meter and houses the battery, transmitter and receiver, in order to integrate the sensor in the Gigaset Smart Home system and measure the  temperature and humidity. And the water detector, which is positioned with its two contacts on the bottom touching the ground. As soon as they come into contact with water, “water” triggers an acoustic alarm locally and the user is notified about a potential risk by a push message sent to the smartphone.

“Every second and minute is vital in the event of water damage,” adds Raphael Dörr. “In the case of the bath that you’ve forgotten completely about and starts overflowing while you’re preparing something in the kitchen, you can respond in a very short time. But even if you are out of the home, the push information gives you the flexibility to respond as soon as possible – whether by getting in touch with your partner, neighbors or friends or taking action yourself.”

Room climate, mold, water – one sensor that keeps an eye on everything

The new Gigaset water sensor not only provides reliable protection against water damage, but also informs on humidity and temperature. Temperature and relative humidity can be used to prevent mold forming, as well as to optimize heating.

In the second quarter of 2018, the Gigaset water sensor will also be able to activate the Gigaset elements alarm siren directly – a sensible feature for all customers who already use the alarm siren in their system or live in largish houses.

Price and availability

The new Gigaset sensor “water” is available from the Gigaset online shop and specialty retailers at a price of €59.99 as of February 21, 2018. A Gigaset elements alarm system is required to use the water sensor.

[1] German Insurance Association (GDV) 2017: http://positionen.gdv.de/wasserschaeden-teuer-und-vermeidbar/

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