High-quality OEM products: an opportunity for many companies

22. May 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

At Gigaset, we are proud of our long history in the field of telephony and communications. Our company was previously known as a Siemens business unit and has evolved over the past years into Gigaset AG. It stands for German quality and user-friendly communication solutions. As a company, we have devoted ourselves to an important mission: providing best-in-class communications solutions that allow us to support people around the world.

We are continuously working to improve our products so that we can offer our customers the best hardware and software solutions. With our corded IP desktop telephones, the Maxwell series, we have developed products that can be tailored to any business environment by means of SIP. We also have a range of DECT handsets, such as the S650H PRO, SL750H PRO and R650H PRO, that combine with various compatible base stations to give us flexible, premium communication solutions for our portfolio. And the best part: Our solutions can be integrated into many IP communication solutions.

That’s also a must, since the world of (tele)communication is constantly changing. To meet their communication needs, business customers want complete solutions from a single source, rather than integrating products from different vendors, since that would entail more administrative effort. Software and solution providers are increasingly focusing on their core expertise and their integration into customer and business environments. As a result, we have noticed that the individual components of our overall solutions – including DECT and IP DECT base stations – are becoming an increasingly popular choice for complete (software) solutions.

To adapt to these needs and changes in the market, one of the services we offer is Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). An OEM is a company that manufactures products or product parts for other companies who, in turn, market the products under their own brand. As part of our value chain, Gigaset also serves as a manufacturer for selected partners, often software and solution providers. We can thus combine our respective strengths to achieve the best performance for the end customer.

Strict quality requirements

How does working as an OEM partner for other parties impact your business? For us, it means we have to adapt to this role with our own product distribution management and development support. We also invest a great deal of time in developing and testing customer-specific variants, with the help of our excellent R&D department. As an OEM for our partners, we offer the same outstanding quality as with our own Gigaset brand products. To live up to our brand image as a German quality manufacturer and produce state-of-the-art products, we adhere to very strict quality requirements that are monitored through environmental, continuous load and acoustic test methods. All of this is to guarantee that our OEM partners can sell our products under their own brand without having to worry about quality.
Benefits for everyone involved

Thanks to OEM, software and solutions providers can focus on their core expertise. And being an OEM partner also benefits us. It allows Gigaset to benefit from broader market access with the opportunity of generating substantial additional business. And last but not least, an OEM partner solution also has benefits for resellers. They benefit from combined interoperability from a single source, enabling them to offer the best solutions for the (business) customer.

OEM products

OEM partnerships have always been part of our growth strategy at Gigaset. Right from the outset, we worked in partnership with almost all European telecommunications companies and leading Unified Communications (UC) manufacturers. Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio with the addition of DECT phones and systems, desktop phones and connectivity components, including our well-known N510 PRO and N720 PRO. Today, we offer a complete communication portfolio to support any partner and end customer with fixed and mobile products. Our new smartphone portfolio also contributes to that.

Become an PEM partner

Working with an OEM partner offers various benefits for software and solutions providers. What if you want to partner with an OEM? After signing an NDA, we at Gigaset always begin with an initial meeting where we discuss your interests. The next step is a joint workshop where we introduce you to the Gigaset portfolio. We will determine the best possibilities with regard to interoperability with your software, solution environments and infrastructures. We will identify common starting points for collaboration. That way, we can ensure that our joint products and services are optimally aligned and positioned in the market.
Are you interested in the possibilities offered by collaborating with an OEM such as Gigaset? Then don’t hesitate to contact us at info@gigaset.com.

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