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Pareto Securities AS sees potential at Gigaset AG with a “buy” price target of 0.40 Euro

1. September 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Thomas Schuchardt, CFO of Gigaset, has promised more transparency for investors as part of his new capital market strategy. To achieve this, coverage of the company by external analyst firms is essential. After Quirin Privatbank AG recently presented its quote, Pareto Securities AS is now following suit with a target price of 40 cents.

The analysis of Pareto Securities AS confirms the direction taken by Quirin Privatbank AG, albeit at a lower level. The Quirin Privatbank AG issued a price target of EUR 0.68 just under two weeks ago, which corresponds to a price gain of 183%. The analysis primarily referred to the company’s great future and innovation potential.

Pareto Securities AS is now adopting a softer tone 24 days before the publication of the H1 figures. This is mainly due to a “challenging Q2” before the company can start to grow again in 2021. Regardless of this, and even taking into account this difficult situation, Pareto Securities AS still sees a BUY rating for Gigaset AG with a target price of 40 cents – this corresponds to a potential of around 60%.

Thomas Schuchardt_FD

Thomas Schuchardt CFO

Thomas Schuchardt, CFO of Gigaset AG, commented on the second research as follows: “It is interesting to see how differently Gigaset is seen in the market. Of course, at first glance, I would have liked to have seen a second evaluation like that of Quirin Privatbank AG, because that would have perhaps meant even more clarity for interested investors. At second glance, however, I am glad that different analysts arrive at quite different valuations. I interpret the price target of 40 cents positively. What is very pleasing in the current situation – and despite Corona – is the fact that we have received a clear BUY twice after such a long time.


The complete research study of Pareto Securities AS is available for download here.

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