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Saving energy in the smart home: combating exploding energy prices with smart helpers for the home

17. January 2023 Published by Jana Greyling

Using resources sustainably is playing an increasingly important role for more and more people. Exploding energy costs and the risk of an energy price shock in winter, however, create whole new realities.

Modern technologies can help save energy, which is probably why smart plugs are among the declared favorite products in the smart home. Some models additionally feature an energy metering function, as with the Gigaset Plug 2.0: The compact adapter can be integrated into the Gigaset Smart Home system and displays the energy consumption of the connected device on the free app.

“That means power guzzlers in the home are soon identified and can either be replaced or used more carefully,” says Franka Abraham, Senior Product Manager Smart Home at Gigaset. “Our goal in developing the plug was to provide even greater benefit for the customer.”

Smart switch to put in your pocket

The small devices can be used to control other non-connected devices – from the standard lamp to the coffee machine – by app or voice command. Smart routines activate the outdoor lighting at sunset or when the residents are within range of the motion sensor in the Gigaset Smart Home system. The Gigaset Plug 2.0 will even switch on the TV when there’s no-one home, if desired, and can therefore help deter potential burglars – for example, during a weekend away or a business trip.

More convenience and security

The Gigaset Smart Home system uses motion detectors, alarm sirens, smoke detectors, water sensors and cameras for indoors and outdoors to make your home more secure and convenient. Users can see via the Gigaset Smart Home app whether all the doors and windows fitted with sensors are closed properly – if there’s an irregularity, like an attempted break-in, smoke has been detected, or there’s a water leak, the alarm will go off. The system offers protection against burglary and damage by the elements, helps save energy, and provides additional living comfort, for instance, through heating and lighting control in combination with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Philips Hue.

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