A Smart Home cooperation that opens doors – smart doorbell meets smart lock

26. August 2021 Published by Jana Greyling

Gigaset, an innovative company with a long tradition, is cooperating with the young smart home manufacturer Nuki, which specialises in smart door locks. In combination with the Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X, the sometimes annoying bunch of keys may seem almost superfluous. Because this product combination opens up new ways into your Smart Home.

Do you have an unexpected visitor, are the kids back from school too early or does the parcel delivery man want to drop off a package even though you’ve just rushed to the supermarket? With the Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X you have everything in view: Thanks to the integrated camera you can see who is standing in front of your door via the app and can also talk to the visitor. But what then?

Open sesame: The magic combination of doorbell and lock

Nuki Home Solutions

With the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 you can unlock the door – no matter to whom and no matter where you are. This not only makes family, friends and partners happy, but also delivery men who can deliver their parcel no matter what. But simply letting strangers into your home? Yes, because Germans are quite willing to allow such in-home deliveries.

The international market research institute YouGov asked more than 1,500 people over the age of 18 this question:

“Suppose you could equip your home with a smart door lock and a smart door opener and thus open the door for the delivery man even in your absence. In doing so, you could interact with the delivery man remotely via video transmission. Could you imagine having parcels delivered this way?”

One in five Germans answered yes to this question.

“As a manufacturer of smart home technology, we are watching this development with great interest,” says Dirk Kelbch, Senior Vice President Smart Home at Gigaset. “It shows that there is a lot of potential in the area of smart delivery methods.”

The integration of the Nuki door lock with the Gigaset Smart Doorbell

Gigaset only introduced its networked video doorbell with intercom function for smart home alarm systems in June 2021. The cooperation with Nuki followed shortly after. “We are looking for really meaningful application scenarios,” explains Dirk Kelbch. “Not only because they are technically possible, but because they bring real benefits to people. The solutions from Nuki and Gigaset harmonise very well here.”

Equipped with a Full HD camera, microphone and speaker, the Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X replaces the previous doorbell and streams pin-sharp moving images to the smartphone.

Nuki Home Solutions

The connection between the Smart Lock and Smart Doorbell is easy to set up in just four steps:

  • Step 1: Open the “Elements” tab in your Gigaset elements app. Select your already connected Gigaset Smart Doorbell (You can find the installation video for the Gigaset Smart Doorbell ONE X here).
  • Step 2: Scroll down and select the menu item “Connection with smart door lock”.
  • Step 3: Now enter the same “name” you already use for your Nuki Smart Lock – e.g. “front door” and confirm the connection
  • Step 4: Done! You can now jump directly into your Nuki app via the menu item “Door lock” and open your front door comfortably.

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