Gigaset smart security guard Gigaset smart security guard

Smart Home with its own security service

10. October 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Professional protection of properties – for every home

Gigaset is launching the smart security guard for its alarm systems. An app now allows a security guard to be sent to your home immediately in the event of a break-in. Gigaset is cooperating with the insurance group AXA on this pioneering service. Gigaset smart security guard not only delivers professional protection of properties, but also covers damage from burglaries. The service can now be booked with the latest version of the Gigaset Smart Home app or in Gigaset’s online shop.

Owners of a Gigaset Smart Home alarm system always know whether everything is alright in their home. The system registers attempts to break in at windows and doors and immediately reports whether people are in the rooms via the Smart Home app. But what if that happens while you are on vacation, a weekend getaway or a business trip hundreds of kilometers away? Gigaset has the answer in the shape of the smart security guard.

“It’s very simple,” says Jonas Deicke, Smart Home Project Manager at Gigaset. “If you can’t get to your home in the event of an alarm, then someone else has to – and as quickly as possible. With the smart security guard, we give our customers the chance to decide themselves immediately what measures are initiated – wherever they happen to be.”

The AXA security service is in operation round the clock throughout Germany and is available to users of Gigaset Smart Home alarm systems at all times.

Help is only a fingertip away
If the sensors in the home detect an attempted burglary, an alarm sounds and users are notified on their smartphone by the Gigaset Smart Home app. They can then look and see what has happened using the Gigaset smart camera. At this point, the app now offers them the option of contacting the AXA Assistance Hotline to request a security guard to call at the home. As soon as the security expert is there, he or she secures the home, checks the damage and discusses what further action to take over the phone. If there has been a break-in, the guard alerts the local police, who secure the scene of the crime. If requested, the security employee also arranges for a broken window or door that has been forced open to be repaired immediately, depending on the level of damage, or for the home to be kept under 24-hour surveillance.

“We’re thinking the Smart Home to its logical conclusion – and so are going far beyond technological limits,” says Jonas Deicke. “What’s probably most valuable about the Gigaset smart security guard is that you can take action at any time. After all, what use is an alert sent to your smartphone if you can’t take immediate measures? We’re changing that now together with AXA.”

Professional protection of properties from €4.99 a month
Whether an occasional holidaymaker, business traveler or globetrotter – users of Gigaset Smart Home alarm systems can book the smart security guard service to suit their needs to a tee. The monthly package offers all-round protection for four weeks at a price of €4.99. The annual package costs just €29.99. It covers service and repair costs of up to €500 three times a year. The packages include provisional protection of the home, as well as the costs of tradesmen and materials. If a break-in occurs, customers decide whether to call in the security guard and to instigate initial repair work and emergency measures.

The Gigaset smart security guard can be booked using the Gigaset Smart Home app or in Gigaset’s online shop. The service is offered throughout Germany. A Gigaset Smart Home alarm system is required to use it.

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