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“Staying connected while at home” – Statement by the Executive Board

12. March 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

In view of the rampant coronavirus pandemic, which has spread worldwide in a short space of time, Klaus Weßing and Thomas Schuchardt, CEO and CFO of Gigaset AG, have some words for the readers of Gigaset’s corporate blog.

The pandemic caused by coronavirus is evolving and spreading at a faster and faster pace. Many citizens are already taking measures to protect themselves. Things have come thick and fast in the past days, face masks and disinfectant are sold out in many places, and it’s understandable that many of us have a growing sense of worry and uncertainty about the safety and future of our families and others who are dear to us.

The safety and well-being of its employees and customers also has top priority for Gigaset. That is why we took appropriate measures at an early stage to protect our employees and also slow down the pandemic’s spread.

Our crisis team is monitoring daily developments and continuously adjusting our measures and recommendations in order to protect our around 900 employees in many European countries and worldwide and to maintain production operations here in Germany.

We wish to share a positive piece of news in this regard with you. As a result of the measures we have taken and the advantages that come from the fact that our products are “Made in Germany”, our factory in Bocholt can currently keep on producing in full and we can supply all our products to retailers and customers.

Based on our observations of how things are developing, we believe the situation will likely worsen further. Social distancing is necessary to slow down the speed at which the virus is spreading and so avoid overburdening our healthcare systems. That means millions of people will have to work from a home office for a lengthy time to come.

That is precisely where Gigaset can help you. Even if we need to distance ourselves from each other physically to protect ourselves, we can still remain very close thanks to the possibilities offered by modern communications technology. And that way we can stay connected while at home. To ensure that and provide all of you with the best communications technology there, we’ll launch an initiative in our online shop in the coming days. And our service team will remain on hand to help you, whether over the phone or online.

We, the Executive Board of Gigaset AG, hope this unprecedented crisis will soon be overcome. We intend to live up to our social responsibility and use the outreach we have through this blog and our other social media channels to keep on sharing information we believe to be relevant with you.

There is no other brand in Germany and Europe that is so committed to keeping people connected than Gigaset. For over 175 years, we have worked to enhance telecommunications and keep people close, even over the largest of distances. We now aim to leverage that strength to help families, companies, friends and relatives remain in touch in these exceptional times.

Thank you, take care and stay healthy!

Klaus Weßing, CEO & Thomas Schuchardt, CFO

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