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SZ awards Gigaset Smart Home App

16. March 2021 Published by Jana Greyling

The age of digitalisation has led to many innovations. Now the range of digital innovations is so large that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the user to distinguish between what is useful and what is superfluous. However, apps are undoubtedly among the valuable developments that we can no longer imagine everyday life without. But is it possible to find just the right app? To give users some orientation, the analysis institute ServiceValue and Süddeutsche Verlag took a closer look at the most important industries in their new study and asked which app offers users actual added value. The Gigaset smart home app “Gigaset elements” received the award “high added value” in this survey.

The online survey for the study was answered by invited population-representative panellists. The respondents were to evaluate the presented objects of investigation, i.e. mobile apps from different categories, as users/customers. A total of 669 apps from 66 sectors were examined as part of this survey.

The survey was self-initiated and made it possible to conduct the survey without the involvement of the providers under investigation. Each panellist received a selection of apps for evaluation that was manageable for them and had to state whether they had used them in the last 12 months or not. For each app provider, at least 100 customer votes were collected for evaluation.

The question to be answered was: “To what extent do you agree from your own experience that the use of the following mobile apps is beneficial and consequently provides added value?” Respondents could give an answer on the five-point answer scale between “1 – not useful” and “5 – useful”.

After evaluation of the survey, the Gigaset Smart Home app received the award “high added value” in the “Smart Home” category. Thus, “Gigaset elements” proved to be very useful in the eyes of the users and is above the average of its market competitors in its category.

“The app is of course the heart of our smart home system. This is where all the information comes together and consequently it is virtually the command centre for our customers. That’s why we are all the more pleased about this award,” says Roland Maesing, VP Smart Home at Gigaset. “Many of our smart home customers use our system and the associated app to make their lives easier and ensure a higher quality of life and more security in their own homes. So it fills us with pride to see that our claim and our ideas offer customers just that,” adds Maesing.

The complete ranking of the apps with the highest added value can be found here.

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