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Enjoy the dark time of the year with Gigaset Smart Home

9. December 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Winter had to come, even in this exceptional year. The trees are losing their leaves, it’s getting dark earlier, light later, and the temperature is steadily sinking. The dark time of the year has begun, and with it also the favorite season for burglars. But this year you no longer need to worry about that, since burglars don’t stand a chance this winter thanks to the Gigaset Smart Home products.

It usually takes just a small step to combat concerns like these and start the winter free of worry: With the help of Smart Home products, every home can be protected against burglars around the clock. With it getting dark so early, the winter months are especially popular with burglars, as the lights are often already switched on in apartments and houses at this time of year from 4 or 5 p.m. That means burglars can quickly tell whether anyone’s at home or not.

The Gigaset smart plug can be used to make it look like someone’s at home, because it can be synchronized with the sunrise and sunset. The living room or bedside lamp just needs to be plugged into the smart plug and can then simply be controlled in the accompanying app. So, if it’s already dark outside, but nobody’s home yet, you can still head home fully relaxed, since the lamps will come on automatically at home and make it look as if you’re already there.

The cold time of the year also offers burglars the cover of darkness, since they’re harder for attentive neighbors or passers-by to notice. But that’s not a problem for the Gigaset outdoor camera. Thanks to its HD quality and infrared technology, it has a built-in night vision function, making it easier to also clearly detect whether a burglar is prowling in the the garden, or if it’s just the neighbor’s cat again.

But concealed entrances, cellar doors, ground floor windows and patio doors are also popular places to break in, since burglars want to work undisturbed in the dark. The door and window sensors and the alarm siren from Gigaset also offer quick and easy protection against these security weaknesses. The sensors respond immediately when a door or window is opened.

If there is a suspected break-in, a loud alarm siren sounds in combination with the Gigaset siren and is enough to scare off any burglar. The alarm systems S or M provide all-round protection for larger houses with several doors and windows. What’s more, the Gigaset thermostat also works in combination with the alarm systems. If the alarm mode is switched on when leaving the house, all the radiators are turned down automatically. That way, the house is not only protected against burglars, but also spared high heating costs. So, you’re all set for carefree, relaxed cozy winter evenings while Gigaset Smart Home products have a watchful eye on your own four walls.

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