Trade fair premiere for Gigaset smart care – Gigaset’s senior citizens assistance system on the big stage

9. May 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

At the end of March 2019, Gigaset was in Kassel at EXPOLIFE, the international trade fair for specialist stores providing medical supplies and rehabilitation, orthopedic technology and orthopedic shoe technology, with its senior citizens assistance system Gigaset smart care. The Gigaset Product Management and Sales teams led by Kathrin Sänger, Edgar Schollmeyer and Pedro Carvalho met with a very enthusiastic response in the relevant field from the trade experts and consumers who visited the fair.

Gigaset has supported and accompanied people in their everyday life for decades, delivering security and convenience – and specifically for seniors. Gigaset smart care reliably notifies worrying relatives about irregularities in the daily routine of family members who live alone. Sensors on windows, doors and in rooms detect whether someone is at home, the doors are open or closed or the windows are tilted.

Relatives can define individual daily habits with a suitable app for the smartphone. If there are deviations from them, trusted persons are notified depending on the setting – by push messages or, in the event of an alarm by a phone call – for example, if someone leaves home at an unusual time or no activity is registered for a lengthy period. A manual emergency call can also be issued if the elderly family member needs help.

The system therefore gives relatives the assurance that family members who live alone are doing fine, while senior citizens have the security of knowing that someone will soon be there should they ever need help.

Successful trade fair appearance

At the industry get-together for specialist healthcare trade in Kassel, Gigaset focused on the topic of leading a self-determined and secure life in old age. Its new trade fair concept for smart care visualized the two worlds embodied by the smart care system: “senior at home” and “relative on the way.” Visitors learned how the app works and what happens in the event of an alarm. The Gigaset smart care senior citizens assistance system met with lively interest among the trade audience.


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