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Vacation with peace of mind – thanks to Gigaset Smart Home

7. August 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

After the great uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic and the many weeks we’ve had to spend in our own four walls and in the home office, many of us will soon be embarking on a long-awaited summer vacation. Even though many will holiday in Germany this year, getting away may be overshadowed by the uneasy feeling of leaving an unattended home. However, Gigaset Smart Home products mean you don’t need to worry about your home on top of coronavirus this year.

Users can enjoy a relaxed, carefree vacation while Gigaset Smart Home watches over their house or apartment. The smart lighting control solution makes it seem as if the house isn’t empty, while doors and windows can be protected very simply with the right sensors. All you then need to do on vacation is glance at your smartphone to check that everything’s fine at home.

Vacation with peace of mind

To be able to enjoy their vacation to the full, users can monitor and protect the entrance to their home very simply using a door sensor. The entry-level Gigaset security pack is the perfect solution for worried holidaymakers. The sensor responds as soon as the door is opened and, if there is a suspected break-in, triggers a loud alarm siren to deter burglars. The alarm system S or alarm system M are recommended for large houses with several doors and windows. The alarm system L is ideal for users who also want video surveillance of their home. The smartphone app for users of the security pack also allows the modes (at home/not at home) to be changed quickly and easily.

Lighting makes it seem like you’re at home

You can use the Gigaset plug pack to make it seem like there’s still someone at home when you go away on vacation. All you need to do is connect a switchable plug to the living room light. The app that comes with the system lets you manually control when and for how long the light is to be turned on or set a timer for that – from the comfort of the beach or poolside. Or you might also like to switch on the kitchen radio to make it more convincing that’s someone’s at home. As a result, unwelcome guests won’t even think about paying you a visit.

Protection against fire and water

You don’t want to worry about a leaky dishwasher, a tap that’s still running or a hotplate you’ve forgotten to switch off while you’re swimming or enjoying a barbecue on vacation. Damage by the elements is a frequent occurrence in the home, not only when you happen to be on holiday, and usually has costly consequences. However, it’s especially annoying when you only discover it after you get back from your vacation and are immediately plunged into a stressful situation. The Gigaset elementary pack with its smoke detector and water sensor watches over your home better than any house-sitter.

The smoke detector triggers a loud alert when smoke is generated and users are notified instantly via the app. The Gigaset smoke detector works without an Internet connection and also impresses with a battery that has a life of ten years.

The Gigaset water sensor detects the threat of water damage and warns users immediately by app when water’s leaking from the dishwasher or washing machine. The water sensor likewise works without an Internet connection and its battery has a life of five years. It is compatible with the Gigaset S, M and L alarm systems, which guarantees that worries about obsolete electrical appliances and unattended dishwashers are a thing of the past. As a result, you no longer need to feel guilty about having to ask a neighbor to stop by your house to check that everything’s alright while you enjoy your vacation.

Battery power-saving mode for thermostats

Radiator thermostats can also enjoy a summer vacation. Radiators can be set to battery power-saving mode in the months when no heating is required. Battery power-saving mode optimizes the life of the battery in the thermostats by turning off the display and ensuring the thermostat establishes a connection less often. In the winter months, the thermostats regulate the temperature of the radiators, hence saving a lot of energy and costs. The Gigaset thermostat is compatible with the S, M and L alarm systems and, of course, can also be controlled very simply by app from whatever holiday destination you’ve chosen this year.

You can find all the tips and tricks for the Gigaset’s smart thermostat here.

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