Video streaming has revolutionized film and television

28. February 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

You probably notice it from your own viewing habits: video streaming has become established and we couldn’t imagine life without it. A survey by Bitkom Research now reveals that on-demand portals in particular are growing in popularity – and that is why their number also keeps on increasing.

GS280 in der Presse
Of course, streaming works best on our new Gigaset GS280.

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Maxdome or Sky Ticket are already established – and now Apple and Disney are following suit with their own platforms: Video streaming portals that charge for their services are becoming more and more popular. A representative survey by Bitkom Research of 1,007 people over the age of 14 shows that more than one-third has streamed films and series on video-on-demand portals – a huge leap of eight percentage points over the previous year. Video streams are even part of the daily media consumption of every one-in-five (20 percent), while four out of ten Germans use streaming several times a week.

Video on demand – who pays for what?

The number of Germans who are willing to pay for streaming films and series continues to increase – for the fourth year in succession – and has almost doubled in percentage terms since 2014. As is so often the case in technological matters, younger users in particular have a greater affinity for streaming. Almost half of all Internet users aged between 14 and 29 use offerings they have to pay for. However, there has also been a particularly strong surge among the 65+ generation. Every one-in-five uses video on demand to watch films and series.

“Just the fact that more and more video on demand providers are entering the market shows that this trend still has a long way to go before it peaks,” says Andreas Merker, Head of Smartphones at Gigaset. “More and more users are consciously choosing not to watch traditional TV or know movie theaters only from the outside. Being able to view what they want anytime, anywhere is a key factor for people – you could even call it a small revolution. And, of course, we delighted about that: smartphones are used more and more for streaming, whereas the use of laptops is declining slowly, but surely. And it goes without saying that we have the ideal product for that in the shape of our Gigaset GS280 .”

A battery with staying power and a brilliant display – that’s what counts in streaming.

What is important in choosing a provider?

The key criterion in choosing a provider is still the lowest price, followed by the basic portfolio of films, series and documentaries, which are growing in popularity. Yet there are also other factors that are important, such as sound and image quality, the ease with which the online video libraries can be used, customer service, or compatibility with voice assistants, which are becoming more and more widespread.

What many users would welcome: Blockbusters streamed at the same time as they are released in movie theaters. Seven out of ten Germans would be interested in general to watch new films at home with their family and friends rather than going to the movie theater. Yet there is hardly any willingness to pay for premium video on demand: 75 percent would welcome such an offering, but don’t want to pay for it, preferring instead to wait a few weeks until the content is freely available.

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