Voice assistants for seniors? The Gigaset L800HX smart speaker helps!

18. February 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

Gigaset recently presented its L800HX smart speaker, a DECT phone, hands-free device and voice assistant in one. At first sight, it therefore seems ideal for modern living in a smart home. However, a closer look reveals that the smart speaker can also make life easier and better for the elderly, especially if they have pre-existing ailments.

The status quo

One thing is for sure: Voice assistants have long become part of everyday life for many people. Whether Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana or Siri from Apple – they can be found in smartphones, smart TVs, smart speakers or notebooks.

The idea that these assistants are only used by the young and are also highly insecure and easy to hack is, however, a myth. Instead, the main risk is from them being used incorrectly or if users integrate and connect them up with insecure components and services from unknown third-party providers (such as from Asia).

Recent studies show that seniors certainly have no misgivings about voice assistants and the technology behind them, provided people they trust explain and give them a better understanding of the subject. If, for example, people suffer from impaired vision or motor disorders, such as due to osteoarthritis or Parkinson’s disease, or if they can only communicate by voice, such an assistant can improve their everyday life significantly and help reduce social isolation.

L800HX with Amazon Alexa – ideal for seniors

The Gigaset smart speaker uses Amazon Alexa. This voice assistant is integrated in the loudspeaker, making it simple to use for senior citizens. If their phone keys are too small or they find it increasingly harder to operate devices like the radio and TV, the smart voice assistant in the L800HX can help. And that is also true when they find reading more strenuous and the long hours alone at home provide hardly any intellectual stimulation. The Gigaset smart speaker with Amazon Alexa offers a wealth of possibilities to make everyday life easier for seniors, add variety and thus enhance their quality of life.

“Our goal with the smart speaker was to develop a holistic device. An added boon is that it is an excellent aid for older target groups. The L800HX can support and reduce the load on family members or care workers,” says Jan Moser, the responsible Product Manager.

Why is the smart speaker so practical?

“The big advantage of our smart speaker is its multifunctionality. That relates to three core areas,” adds Moser. “We have the voice-activated features of a virtual personal assistant, as well as a hands-free phone and the option of integrating it with our Gigaset Smart Home or Smart Care system. No other vendor offers that in this context.”

The features of Amazon Alexa integration:

  1. Entertainment and variety with music, radio and audio books
  2. Help in everyday life in the shape of reminders, a diary and an alarm clock
  3. Information on the time and date, news, sports events and the weather
  4. Smart home functions, such as controlling of lights and the TV

Additional benefits of the integrated DECT phone:

  1. Conventional telephony to keep in touch with family and friends
  2. Voice dialing without the need to use keys
  3. Hands-free calls in top HD quality
  4. SOS or emergency calls if (medical) help is needed

Integration with Smart Home and Smart Care:

  1. Controlling of the light and heating by voice commands
  2. Emergency call function with Smart Care

Using the voice assistant is so simple

Gigaset_L800HX_FunktionenThe digital voice assistant is operated by means of a loudspeaker with a microphone that is integrated in the Gigaset smart speaker. A wide range of applications can be started simply by saying the activation word “Alexa” and then adding the voice command you wish.

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