Gigaset Partner Hallo Welt Systeme unveils new smartphone Volla Phone 22

29. April 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

The young company “Hallo Welt Systeme” presents the second generation of its smartphone on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The Volla Phone 22 not only becomes more elegant and faster, but also includes an updated operating system with features that have premiere on a smartphone. It is a product whose innovation offers an edge to Apple and Google.

Two years ago, the start-up “Hallo Welt Systeme” had already completely rethought the concept of “smartphone” with the Volla Phone: Intelligent, minimalist user interface instead of a focus on apps and consistent privacy protection instead of dependence on a cloud.

Gigaset is once again responsible for the technical production of the smartphone. “We are very pleased with the success of our partner Hallo Welt Systeme,” said Raphael Dörr, SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset AG. “When an innovative operating system becomes an outstanding product for customers thanks to our technical manufacturing capabilities and our unique “Made in Germany” production, it makes us very proud and shows that our strategy is right.”

The innovations at a glance

With the second product generation, the young company is now taking an evolutionary leap. The Volla Phone 22 is the first smartphone to introduce a security mode that can block apps and Internet connection.

Also premiering on a smartphone is the multi-boot function, which allows users to install and launch multiple operating systems. New features are supposed to make the user interface even smarter, simpler and clearer.

The hardware gets an extensive update in terms of performance, while the minimalist design with recessed camera lenses under a glass back make the Volla Phone 22 look even more elegant, while promising even greater sustainability with the replaceable battery.

Pre-orders of the Volla Phone 22 are possible via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter at the introductory price. The manufacturer plans to deliver the first Volla Phone 22 as early as June.

Smartphone with focus on simplicity and security

In contrast to common smartphones, the Volla Phone does away with anything that distracts users and scores with a specially developed operating system, the Volla OS, based on an open-source Android (Android Open Source Project).

“With the Volla Phone 22, we want to give users back their freedom. That freedom from time and attention that today’s smartphones demand,” said founder Dr. Jörg Wurzer. This also includes being able to decide for ourselves with whom we share which data. That’s why the Volla Phone is based on Android, but completely without dependence on Google or any other cloud.

The concept has been delighting users around the world since its launch: thousands of Volla Phones have since been shipped to over 55 countries around the world. An international community of developers and users has emerged. Their feedback and ideas have inspired Dr. Wurzer and his team to prepare another evolutionary leap: the Volla Phone 22.

The springboard: smarter and clearer

With the second generation, the springboard’s intelligent text field now recognizes appointments, which the Volla Phone 22 automatically enters into the calendar. Users can now also send encrypted messages from the Signal Messenger service and find them in the compilation of exchanged messages without having to call up the Signal app. The same will be true for notes, which are integrated directly into the user interface of Volla OS. The apps arranged in the grid are tidier, and Volla Phone 22 now automatically divides them into groups that can be shown and hidden.

Security mode and multi-boot function

A special security mode offers consistent privacy protection. Protected by a password, it turns the Volla Phone 22 into a fortress. Users can activate it and specify apps that should be hidden and prevented from running. A firewall blocks or allows certain web addresses to be called up. This is ideal for parents who want to give their child a Volla Phone 22 with a clear conscience and for all those who do not want to give trackers in apps a chance. Because the security mode is deeply integrated into the system, it can be operated together with the preinstalled but optional VPN from hide.me.

Premiere also has a multi-boot feature that was previously only possible on Macs or PCs. Users can install one or more operating systems – as simple as an app – and select them when starting the Volla Phone 22. Dr. Wurzer: “This not only gives the curious and undecided the opportunity to try out an operating system such as Ubuntu Touch, but also allows private and professional users to strictly separate and protect personal data.”

About 30 percent of Volla customers have so far opted for the alternative mobile Linux operating system, a perfect choice for purists and anyone already using Linux on their PC. That’s why the Volla Phone 22 is once again available in an Ubuntu Touch version.

Volla Phone 22

The hardware: elegance meets performance

The next generation of the smartphone “Made in Germany” combines elegant design, high performance as well as sustainable hardware, which is again manufactured by the partner Gigaset Communications in Bocholt. The elegant casing comes with a glass back and is available in piano lacquer look or fresh white. The camera lenses are embedded in the casing and thus emphasize the minimalist design. With its rounded sides, the Volla Phone 22 also fits perfectly in the hand and the discreet LED lighting for notifications fits seamlessly into the purist concept. Sustainability is now also justified by a replaceable battery in addition to the slim operating system and powerful processor.

Pre-order possible via Kickstarter

Since mid-April 2022, the new generation of the smartphone has been presented on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The first 25 devices are available at Early Bird conditions for 378 euros, after which the Volla Phone 22 can be purchased for 398 euros with Volla OS or Ubuntu Touch as a “reward” for supporting the campaign. It is expected to appear in stores for 439 euros later.

The decisive factor for the start of production and delivery in June 2022 is reaching the target sum of 10,000 euros. Founder Dr. Wurzer is confident: “We also partially financed our first generation via crowdfunding. The community has confirmed to us that it is time for a smartphone alternative away from the big tech companies. With the Volla Phone 22, we want to deliver again on the promise we made and appreciate any support on our way to give our customers back their freedom.” Direct link to Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

Volla Phone 22 performance features:

  • 6.3-inch display with notch for selfie camera
  • 8-core processor with MediaTek HyperEngine Technology.
  • 48 MP main camera + 8 MP ultra-wide and macro camera.
  • 4 + 128 GB internal memory
  • 2 SIM cards + 1 memory card for up to half TB
  • More frequency bands for international networks

About the Volla Phone

With the Volla Phone and the Volla Phone X, Hallo Welt Systeme UG from Remscheid completely rethought the “smartphone” concept two years ago: control elements such as the springboard make operation simple and fast: after unlocking the device, the user starts typing into a text field and the Volla Phone recognizes what the person wants to do: for example, call someone, send a message or record a note. Frequently used functions can be accessed with a single gesture, without having to launch the appropriate app first.

In addition, the phone can be controlled via a quick menu function and various shortcuts, so-called “collections” provide automatic compilations of people with whom a user has been in frequent and recent contact, the most recently exchanged messages, and even messages from self-selected sources.

Together with other small and medium-sized companies and organizations, Volla Phone founder Dr. Jörg Wurzer has launched an alliance for more independence, self-determination, privacy protection that aims to advance issues such as data protection, digital self-determination, open source, privacy and independence from the big technology companies.

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