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Washing hands to your favourite song

17. March 2020 Published by Raphael Doerr

The spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Europe continues to intensify. Gigaset is therefore using the available platforms to raise awareness about the issue in an attempt to help contain it. Today, we want to show you that even your favorite song can help contain the spreading of the virus.

Hands as a problem zone

In light of the current pandemic, hygiene – washing your hands – is of particular importance. 80 percent of all infectious diseases are spread via your hands.

On average, we touch our faces every four minutes, whether consciously or unconsciously. Viruses can enter our mucous membranes via the mouth, nose or eyes. Therefore, washing our hands is more important than ever in order to reduce the viral load on our hands and thus the risk of infection.

Washing your hands properly

It is not only important that we wash our hands, but also in what way we wash them and for how long. Liquid soaps or washing lotions are an essential part of hand washing, because water alone does not kill germs and viruses.

BR24 advises “Get your hands wet and apply soap. Do not forget the backs of your hands and the spaces between your fingers, fingertips and thumbs because that’s where germs collect. Then rub and rub properly. Then rinse thoroughly under running water.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises you to sing or hum the song “Happy Birthday” twice while washing your hands. This time span can act as a guide for how long you should wash your hands.

Happy birthday while washing your hands?

Perhaps you do not know the lyrics of the song, or you might prefer another song? We did some research and found a website where you can enter your favourite song and get a free poster to print out. The poster includes instructions for washing your hands and your favourite song lyrics.

So choose a song, enter it, print it, hang it over the sink and that’s it. We believe that this can also help children to learn the correct washing duration in a playful way. Have fun trying it out and share this post if you like our idea.


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