The clamshell is back: Gigaset presents 4G GSM mobile phone GL7

5. July 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

With the GL7, Gigaset is giving a real classic a smart comeback. The first clamshell phones came onto the market back in the mid-90s. What didn’t exist back then: 4G, WhatsApp and Facebook apps. Two screens were also unusual back then. On the GL7, the external screen shows the time and the caller. When opened, you are greeted by a 2.8″ display and large buttons. There is also an SOS emergency button on the back of the device for added safety. It’s obvious: with the GL7, the folding mobile phone has arrived in the 21st century.

Simply reliable

Fans of clamshell phones will be delighted with the new GL7. The advantages are obvious: the outer display shows the user the most important information, such as incoming calls, text messages, battery charge level and time. Thanks to the design, the main display is excellently protected and it is not possible to accidentally press the keys. On the other hand, calls can be accepted simply by flipping the phone open.

Gigaset combines these classic advantages of a flip phone with new upgrades. User-friendly functions, large keys, large text. In addition, the modern KaiOS operating system, access to the KaiOS AppStore, a dedicated WhatsApp key and Dual SIM as well as a separate memory card slot make the GL7 a phone that seems familiar to customers and at the same time reliable, ensuring contact with friends and family at all times and in all situations.

Bigger is better – The GL7

The compact form factor of 117x58x24mm makes the GL7 the ideal companion in any pocket. The weight is just 126 grams and the durable polycarbonate makes the GL7 long-lasting and robust. The screen and keyboard are optimally protected by the clamshell form factor. But as compact and light as the GL7 is, it offers true greatness wherever you look. Two screens, large keys, clear menus with large fonts, 300 hours standby and 9 hours talk time on a single charge, USB interface, Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5 mm jack for headphones, FM radio and a 2 MP camera for snapshots and souvenir photos.

You can store all your pictures and up to 2,000 phonebook entries in the 4 GB internal device memory, which can also be expanded by up to 128 GB using a micro SDHC memory card. No compromises are made with the SIM cards either. Even if an additional memory card is used, two nano-SIM slots are still available – for example, to make cheap calls on holiday with a prepaid card purchased locally.


Back to the future with the GL7

“The GL7 – as a classic clamshell phone – may seem a little retro,” says Thomas Prößdorf, the product manager responsible at Gigaset. “I can assure you, this impression is deceptive. We deliberately chose the form factor because there is a customer group that prefers these phones to modern smartphones. It is a certain form of understatement that is served here.”

In addition to the normal mobile phone functions, the GL7 has WLAN, 4G and a GPS module. Thanks to its own browser, it is fully internet-capable. The KaiOS operating system, which is specially tailored for keypad phones, including its own AppStore, allows access to social apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube or Google Maps. Pressing the WhatsApp button opens the messenger and messages can be read and answered as usual. The GL7 also has an integrated music and video player. Simple games also run on the device. The GPS module enables location-based services such as Google Maps.

The integrated WLAN hotspot is also particularly practical. 4G provides a stable internet connection that can also be shared with friends, family or other devices, such as a tablet, if desired. In this way, the GL7 becomes an internet hotspot for larger screens on which you can also access the internet.


Everything simple – even in an emergency

If the unexpected happens, it’s good to know that the GL7 has its own SOS emergency button. When this is pressed, up to five predefined contacts from the address book are called in sequence.

This continues until a connection to a contact can be established – otherwise the device starts again from the first number. A smart feature that can help both in the event of a household accident or an unexpected fall in the great outdoors – because the GL7 is always with you in its pocket format.

The Gigaset GL7 comes with a power supply unit, charging cradle, battery, headphones and quick start guide. It is available in the color titanium grey in stationary and online shops as well as in the Gigaset online shop at a price of 109.00 euros (RRP). High-resolution images and accompanying technical data sheets can be found here.

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