The history of Gigaset is closely intertwined with that of Bocholt. Gigaset is the only company to manufacture its cordless phones and other products at its own factory in Bocholt. That sets us apart from our competitors, whose manufacturing facilities are located in Asia. It also brings benefits for our trading partners and customers in terms of logistics and services.

A brief of the Bocholt factory

Gigaset_Bocholt_Antike_Fertigung1941  Opening of the Siemens subsidiary in Bocholt
1948  Start of telephone production
1959  Start of transmission equipment production
1982  Creation of R&D unit in Bocholt
1993 Start of cordless telephone (DECT standard) production
1997  Erection of new production facility (10,000 m²)
2000  Start of production for GSM products
2001  Start of voice and data production
2005  Start of production for WIMAX, IP phones
2007  Production of 100 millionth Gigaset phone
2011 Production of 150 millionth Gigaset phone
2014  Installation of new U-shaped line for lean manufacturing of complex products like the Maxwell 10
2016  First use of HRC (human-robot collaboration) for assembly purposes
2017  Production of 200 millionth Gigaset phone