The culture at Gigaset is characterized by clear responsibilities, mutual respect and an atmosphere of trust. Legally compliant conduct and fairness in competition are integral elements of our business activities and key requirements for the long-term success of our company.  In our ongoing pursuit of progress and innovation, we do our utmost to avoid any risks that could diminish the trust of customers, shareholders, business partners and the general public in Gigaset AG and its subsidiaries.


Elements of our culture

The culture at Gigaset is shaped by collaboration between departments and countries within a global company landscape – a landscape in which a diversity of behaviors and attitudes is seen as positive and worthy of encouragement. The culture at Gigaset is based on collaborative interaction in which all employees trust and support each other.

  • We promote a culture of innovation in which new approaches are investigated and existing ones called into question.
  • We promote a culture of credibility in which people say what they do and do what they say. Goals are pursued in a determined and sustained manner.
  • We promote a culture of responsibility in which employees have clearly-defined scopes for actions and decision-making.
  • We promote a culture of enthusiasm in which successes are rewarded, shared and celebrated.