The decisions, actions and conduct of our employees are key foundations on our path to becoming a leading international player in the telecommunications arena. The way we work together at Gigaset is characterized by clear responsibility, mutual respect and trust. The working relationship between departments and countries in our global corporate landscape is based on a spirit of cooperation and dependability. Together, we develop products and services of an excellent quality.

We are proud of Gigaset.

On the back of a positive working climate, we grow our commercial success further and can support our customers even more productively. As a result, we make progress toward our avowed aim of being best in class.

The elements of our culture

Our actions and decisions are geared toward our values. They are the cornerstones of our culture. And they are the answer to the core questions in our everyday work:

Future orientation: How are customers’ needs evolving? How is the future of communications evolving? How can we safeguard our place in this context?

Innovativeness: With what products can we inspire our customers? How can we stand out from our competitors and offer our customers sustainable value added?

Credibility: Can our customers take us by our word? How can we become even more reliable? How do we practice and demonstrate our values?

Entrepreneurial spirit: How do we increase customer satisfaction? How can we identify and meet our customers’ needs in an even more pinpointed manner?

Transparency: How in particular can we transparently communicate our commitment to sustainability to customers? How can we as a manufacturer of products “Made in Germany” ensure that our pledge to deliver quality is presented transparently?

Responsibility: How do we tackle technical innovations and challenges? How do we supply the very best advice, products and services tailored to the needs of our customers?