The best smartphone apps for the garden
6. August 2021

During lockdown, when it was hardly possible to travel, the garden or balcony soon became a small oasis. Many finally found the time to attend to their garden or the balcony. After years of putting it off, herbs were finally planted, flowers sown, and vegetables cultivated. But what happens now, as the hectic of everyday more

Spending free time on the smartphone
4. August 2021

Modern smartphones are genuine all-rounders. Most people couldn’t imagine everyday life any more without a smartphone, since there’s practically nothing you can’t do with them. For instance, the smartphone offers the opportunity to stay in contact at all times and anywhere with the family and closest friends. And in the meantime, it has become a more

Senior citizens and modern technology: Is digital literacy lacking?
19. July 2021

A piece of news that may be bewildering at first: More than half of all Germans aged 65 and above don’t use a smartphone. That’s the conclusion of a representative study by the “Digital for All” initiative recently published by the German digital association Bitkom. The survey reveals that 53 percent of respondents over the more

How much can a smartphone cost?
7. July 2021

88 percent of Germans state they can no longer imagine life without a smartphone, according to the latest Bitkom report on the smartphone market. Many even feel a smartphone is more important than a new car. There is no other device that Germans are more willing to splash out on. According to Bitkom, shoppers spent more

Holiday in the pandemic: App-solutely safe and fully informed
5. July 2021

Enjoy a stress-free holiday with these apps on your smartphone. What’s the tourist mindset like after a year of the pandemic? The Bavarian Center for Tourism wanted to find that out recently and discussed the topic with experts from the field of science for the annual dialog series “Rethinking tourism – Will everything remain different?” more

Smartphone use: Keep your head up – for your digital wellbeing
21. June 2021

Smartphone use: We all know the story of Johnny Look-in-the-Air: “As he trudg’d along to school, It was always Johnny’s rule To be looking at the sky And the clouds that floated by; But what just before him lay, In his way, Johnny never thought about; So that everyone cried out – “Look at little more

What our smartphone behaviour reveals about our personality
7. June 2021

Always going to bed punctually, checking the weather when you get up, charging the battery at night, and listening to music or watching a Netflix series at the weekend: The way we use which app on our smartphone reveals more about our personality than we’d like. This is what a recent study on smartphone behaviour more

Naturally online and yet so real – nature apps are booming
31. May 2021

Increasing digitalisation, i.e. mapping physical processes in software, has been noticeable in our society, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Especially in the professional environment, the change to a digital world has significant advantages. Just think of the virtual network possibilities and technological end devices that connect a full-fledged team of different members in more

You can rely on this smartphone!
17. May 2021

A smartphone that survives a fall from a ladder or an unexpected diving trip in an aquarium without any problems – this is something that is not only highly valued in Germany. The robustness of the Gigaset GX290 plus smartphone is also in high demand in the Netherlands. It is precisely this robustness that is more

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