Smart Home 2030 – what will our homes be like in the connected world of the future?
11. October 2021

“Just this week, the two Alexa-connected blinds in my bedroom failed to roll down at their scheduled time, and this morning, only one of them opened back up again. I have no idea what went wrong, because Alexa doesn’t offer any feedback when things fail. Those kinds of misfires are common in the smart home world. I’ve more

Gigaset wins expert-Star Award 2021 in silver in the “Telecommunications” category
29. September 2021

At the general meeting of the Expert purchasing cooperation last weekend, Gigaset was presented with the expert-Star Award 2021 in silver in the “Telecommunications” category, which recognises the partnership-based cooperation with the shareholders of the purchasing cooperation, their employees and the contacts at Expert headquarters. “We are all very proud of this award, because something more

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the smart home – Part 2
9. September 2021

“The smart home means more convenience, quality of life and security for users,” reads the foreword to Bitkom’s “Smart Home 2020” study. Convenience and quality of life play an important role in the smart home. But what exactly does the term “convenience” mean in the smart home and what requirements need to be met? We more

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the smart home – Part 1
1. September 2021

In 1999, when we were still using floppy disks, and long before the Internet of Things (IoT) was a buzzword, there was a film from Walt Disney called “Smart House.” Well, it’s pretty unlikely you saw it, but if you did, then you already know all there is to know about the “smart home”. If more

What is 5G? Probably the world’s fastest mobile network – Part 2
30. August 2021

Around 1.28 billion smartphones were sold globally in 2020, 225 million of them 5G smartphones – a number that will more than double to about 525 million in 2021, according to experts at J.P. Morgan. They estimate that the total volume will gyrate around 725 million in 2022. More and more 5G-capable devices are being launched. more

What is 5G? Probably the world’s fastest mobile network – Part 1
24. August 2021

5G is a term all of us have heard or read about. But only few have likely dealt with it in any real depth, mostly just users who already have a 5G-capable smartphone and are on the 5G network – or at least think they are.  Because you’re not always where you believe you are. more

Data usage in Germany is increasing
17. August 2021

A Neanderthal would still be phoning to this day if Telefónica were to give him the annual volume of calls made by all its customers. You can read more about that on the company’s website. “Last year, customers made calls in the O2 mobile network totaling well over 100 billion minutes. Strung together, that would more

Paying by smartphone is gaining in popularity
12. August 2021

If you’re basking on a mild summer’s evening in one of the many cafés in Stockholm’s city center and then want to use the Swedish krona while paying the bill, you might well be in for a disappointment. You now see more and more signs with the words “Vi hantar ej kontanter” there – telling more

The best smartphone apps for the garden
6. August 2021

During lockdown, when it was hardly possible to travel, the garden or balcony soon became a small oasis. Many finally found the time to attend to their garden or the balcony. After years of putting it off, herbs were finally planted, flowers sown, and vegetables cultivated. But what happens now, as the hectic of everyday more

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