Technical progress over the past decades has brought sharp changes to many areas, such as communications, work and leisure. This process has also left its mark on Gigaset. The company has evolved from a group to its current status as a medium-sized, full-line provider of communications solutions. In line with the slogan “One Gigaset,” the company is wholly geared toward offering its customers new solutions. Our main focus in this is to expand our existing portfolio with new innovations in order to become a holistic solution provider and make many people’s lives easier. The basis for that are six core values that define our interaction with each other and third parties, as well as our everyday work and actions.


We communicate key issues in good time and openly, both internally and externally. We thus lay the foundation for a trusted working relationship with each other and our stakeholders.

Future orientation

By acting purposefully and methodically, we secure our company’s future and also create a long-term perspective for us and our stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We believe that our corporate responsibility includes always acting on our own initiative and pursuing our goals in a structured way, with a focus on earnings and our target groups.


In our efforts to actively help shape the future, we always look ahead, keep on reinventing ourselves and thus promote a spirit of innovation at our company. We also do that by seeing every chance to innovate as an opportunity and means of securing our future.


We believe that acting responsibly in the company’s interests also means acting responsibly toward colleagues, partners, customers, society and the environment.


We always treat others respectfully and are self-critical. We only make promises we can keep, are committed to delivering what we pledge, pursue agreed objectives unswervingly and doggedly – and want to be measured by that.

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