The rise of the business communication ecosystem in the telecommunications sector
15. November 2018

The requirements for communication are changing, not only for the consumer but also for companies. Organizations are looking for better, faster and cheaper ways to connect individuals, departments and companies with each other at local, national and international level. But optimum global communication is only possible if we accept the fact that a shift is more

Platform thinking and solution-oriented selling as the new standards in telecommunications
2. July 2018

Almost every SME uses the cloud nowadays, whether it’s for mobile working, data backup or sharing information. With the rise of technologies like VoIP and SIP, this also applies to business telephony. In Sweden, for example, I noticed the trend among SMEs to switching from on-site systems, including a PBX system and hardware, to telephone more

Platform Thinking and Solution Wise Selling as the new Standards in Telecom
2. July 2018

Almost every SME uses the cloud one way or another these days, whether it’s for mobile working, data backup or sharing information. This also applies to their business telephony, with the rise of technologies like VoIP and SIP. In Sweden for example, we noticed an important trend of SMEs switching from on premise systems, including more

The Best of both Worlds. Why DECT Technology with Desktop Appearance is the next big Thing
5. June 2018

The world around us is wireless. Just think about it. We use headsets, smartphones, GPS units and laptops wherever we go and on a daily basis, making our lives so much easier. This also goes for business environments, where a wireless keyboard and mouse dominate the desks and we communicate via Bluetooth headsets or DECT more

The best of both worlds: DECT technology in a desktop design
5. June 2018

Our world is cordless. Just think about it. Every day and everywhere, we use headsets, smartphones, GPS devices and notebooks, making our life easier. The same is true for the business environment, where cordless keyboards and mice dominate the desks, and we communicate on Bluetooth headsets or DECT handsets to maintain maximum flexibility at all more

Premium OEM Products: An Opportunity for many Companies
22. May 2018

At Gigaset, we are proud of our extensive heritage in the field of telephony and communications. Previously known as Siemens offspring, and now evolved into Gigaset, our company is known for its Germany quality and user-friendly communications solutions. As a company we have devoted ourselves to one important mission: providing best-in-class communications solutions to support more

Why SIP is the new Standard in Telephony and the best Choice for every Business
7. May 2018

Migrating from traditional circuit switched telephone networks to packet switched VoIP networks is hot. Not surprising, because many providers are shutting down their circuit switched networks in the near future. Deutsche Telekom was one of the first, and many are expected to follow. Therefore, businesses are quickly turning to new systems for their telephony, for more

Gigaset Smartphones, the Answer for your Business?
13. April 2018

Talking to customers, sending e-mails to colleagues, storing and sharing important files, accessing customer data by connecting to your CRM. In a lot of industries, the smartphone is becoming the most important business tool. Not surprising, since modern mobile phones offer almost the same business communications facilities as those offered to employees in the office. more

Why Auto Provisioning has the Future
9. April 2018

Auto provisioning is a familiar aspect for every telecom reseller. Uploading the necessary configuration and account data to a telephony device allows end users to optimally use their device and benefit from its features. Auto provisioning is the next level. At Gigaset pro, all our devices offer auto provisioning options to easily connect to servers more

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