Shouldering responsibility for people and the environment: Gigaset makes its products in the heart of Germany: in a state-of-the-art, clean factory in Bocholt. We produced our 220 millionth phone there in 2020. Yet “Made in Germany” is far more than a seal of quality for us – it is possibly the key component in our sustainability strategy.

“Made in Germany” is part of Gigaset’s sustainability efforts

  • Our location in North Rhine-Westphalia means we are close to our regional suppliers and customers, have short delivery routes to the whole of Europe, and are able to reduce CO2
  • For our products to reach our customers safe and sound, they need packaging – and for many years more than 90% of ours has come from recycled material. Corrugated cardboard protects sensitive devices like smartphones thanks to its mechanical properties and can be recycled well. Our Gigaset GS4 smartphone had the first completely climate-neutral packaging.
  • We have repeatedly reduced the size of packaging in the past in order to save natural resources. Where possible, we refrain from using plastics and replace cable ties and plastic bags by paper sleeves.
  • We use only oil-free or low-migration inks in printing. Even the paper for our user guides, like the packaging, is FSC-certified and has also been awarded the Blue Angel

These many small measures, countless little tweaks, add up to make a powerful difference for the environment.

Sustainability = business success + job security + protection of the environment

Sustainability has three dimensions for us: Protecting the environment and climate goes hand in hand with economic success and social stability. The security of our employees’ jobs and products that inspire people and so ensure flourishing business are as much part of Gigaset’s vision for sustainability as is its ecological responsibility.

Made in Germany_MIG

We can best take decisions where we have always worked: in Germany. We know what is possible there and are able to expand boundaries, optimize processes and surpass ourselves. That is also a reason why “Made in Germany” is a key component of our corporate strategy. “Made in Germany” gives us control over all business segments:


  • Bocholt is where we decided to tap into the growth segment Smart Home.
  • Bocholt is where we decided to make our own smartphones – and in the fall of 2020 we launched what is now our fifth model, the Gigaset GS4.
  • Bocholt is where we decided to replace the mercury-vapor lamps in production with LED lighting, which consumes only a fraction of the electricity.
  • We have developed particularly energy-saving ECO DECT technology for our phones, repair all our products in our own Service Center, only use CO2-free electricity and save water on a large scale.
  • Bocholt is where we are an employer to more than 500 people from the region. We train young people there and enable them to begin their professional career.

Gigaset therefore regards “Made in Germany” as a vital foundation for protecting the environment, enabling long-term economic success and ensuring social stability for our employees – the three dimensions of sustainability.