See more with a third eye
11. August 2020
Vacation with peace of mind – thanks to Gigaset Smart Home
7. August 2020

After the great uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic and the many weeks we’ve had to spend in our own four walls and in the home office, many of us will soon be embarking on a long-awaited summer vacation. Even though many will holiday in Germany this year, getting away may be overshadowed by the more

The family-friendly smart home and linguistic confusion
9. June 2020

Ever heard the term “linguistic confusion” (Latin: “confusio linguarum”)? It comes from the book of Genesis in the Bible. God confused the builders of the tower of Babel as punishment for their arrogance, so that “they will not understand each other”. And are you now perhaps wondering what that has to do with the family-friendly more

Age-appropriate living in the smart home. Is that possible?
19. May 2020

A smart home not only offers convenience when we’re young. Age-appropriate connected assistance systems can also enable us to lead a self-determined life in old age. But just what is possible now? What do experts advise? And how open-minded are Germans toward technical support in old age? finanzen.de has published a fascinating study on the more

Regulating the heating with Gigaset Smart Home
10. March 2020

Heating is a sensitive issue for many of us. We are caught in a conflict: Energy costs are increasing, as is our desire to act with greater environmental awareness, yet we also want to feel warm and cozy. So many of us are wondering if there might be modern solutions that reconcile the two. Regulating more

How exactly does a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa work?
25. February 2020

Voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and many others, are proverbially on everyone’s lips. Recent studies show a rapid increase in interest in these voice-controlled tools in the past year. The intelligent helpers can be found in many devices – from the smart speaker to the smartphone. Yet there are two questions that more

Voice assistants for seniors? The Gigaset L800HX smart speaker helps!
18. February 2020

Gigaset recently presented its L800HX smart speaker, a DECT phone, hands-free device and voice assistant in one. At first sight, it therefore seems ideal for modern living in a smart home. However, a closer look reveals that the smart speaker can also make life easier and better for the elderly, especially if they have pre-existing more

The Gigaset year 2019 in review
7. January 2020

Not a month without. Many with two. Gigaset had a total of 18 premieres in 2019. A veritable firework of products – from smart home solutions to smartphones and professional communication solutions for companies. In this post we review the past year and look back on some of the highlights. Smart Home Everyone has heard more

The home is getting smarter
13. December 2019

Smart home solutions is making everyday life easier in more and more households. A study on the subject “Smart home – Fact check and status quo” now confirms this trend with hard-and-fast numbers. Making your own four walls smart thanks to technology is no longer witchcraft these days. What does “smart home” actually mean? It’s more

ImevP1ay! – Secure online
12. November 2019

Germans spend an average of three hours a day online – not only at work, but also at home. Whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC, the Internet has become a vital part of our everyday life – for checking bus schedules, booking rail tickets or quickly paying a bill by bank transfer. Yet more

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