Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the smart home – Part 1
1. September 2021

In 1999, when we were still using floppy disks, and long before the Internet of Things (IoT) was a buzzword, there was a film from Walt Disney called “Smart House.” Well, it’s pretty unlikely you saw it, but if you did, then you already know all there is to know about the “smart home”. If more

Fact checking burglary myths
14. June 2021

Burglary myths: Burglars always strike in the evening, and are after large technical appliances? To mark International Panic Day on June 18, we debunk myths about residential burglaries, and provide tips on better security for your own four walls. Myth 1: My neighborhood is safe! Statistically, most domestic burglaries in Germany happen in North Rhine-Westphalia, more

Intelligent networking and the smart home
15. April 2021

Connected TV sets, voice assistants and devices in the smart home – intelligent networking, as the Internet of Things is also called, is now a part of consumers’ everyday life. Seven out of ten consumers already use an IoT device, according to the recent study “Faktencheck Consumer IoT” (“Consumer IoT Fact Check”) by Deloitte and more

Smart home to become the standard
15. December 2020

The experts from TÜV Rheinland expect the smart home to be standard in the future. According to estimates, every private household will be equipped by 2025 with some 500 devices, products, applications and components that are either Internet-enabled or already connected to the Internet. The problem with this, however, is that not all smart solutions more

Enjoy the dark time of the year with Gigaset Smart Home
9. December 2020

Winter had to come, even in this exceptional year. The trees are losing their leaves, it’s getting dark earlier, light later, and the temperature is steadily sinking. The dark time of the year has begun, and with it also the favorite season for burglars. But this year you no longer need to worry about that, more

Smart Home: Security that flies and buzzes
30. November 2020

Even though it will not yet be available in Germany, the Ring thing now presented by Amazon shows us what awaits us in the future in terms of security and surveillance: a flying eyed named Always Home Cam. The Amazon subsidiary Ring, which specializes in smart home products, has namely presented a drone called Always more

Trusted retailer: Where does Germany buy its smart home devices?
10. November 2020

Where does Germany buy its smart home devices? The latest Bitkom study has now found that out, and the result is somewhat surprising. Because, anyone who thought the answer would have clearly been online is wrong. 56 percent of potential smart home users buy products from an electronics market and preferably at the store from more

Horror price: Germans are heating less, yet heating costs continue to rise
6. November 2020

Germans heated less last year. But despite this environmentally-conscious behavior their heating costs are still increasing, as ntv.de writes in a recently published post on constantly rising heating costs in Germany. Average heating costs per household rose by 2.4 percent in 2019 – that’s due to the heating oil and natural gas prices, which were more

Smart home gaining in popularity
14. October 2020

People live smart in Germany and want to continue to do so in the future. That’s how the results of a survey by the digital association Bitkom could be summarized. Whether it’s connected security systems, robotic vacuum cleaners or smart radiators, acceptance of smart home solutions in Germany is rising steadily, and every second person more

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