Saving energy with the smart home: Defying rising prices
15. August 2022

The news coming from the energy markets isn’t good. The aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the energy transition and, last but not least, the war in Ukraine are driving up energy prices. Consequently, many people are already anxiously awaiting how high their new payments on account for their utility bill will be. However, the inevitable more

Smart solutions for greater security and convenience for seniors in the smart home
26. July 2022

Germany currently has the second-oldest population in the world, with 21% (or around 17.5 million citizens) aged 65 and above. About 6.2 million of those over 65 are single, including about 5.8 million who live alone, according to the Federal Statistical Office. An aging society means the total number of senior households has increased significantly. more

A super-smart society: Smart care made in Japan
12. July 2022

A Japanese filmmaker shocked audiences at this year’s Cannes Film Festival with a dystopian vision of her country in which old people agree to euthanasia to solve the problem of a rapidly aging population. The “Plan 75” – the title of the film by Japanese director and writer Chie Hayakawa – is based on a more

Every kilowatt-hour helps: The hunt for power guzzlers
8. July 2022

The situation is serious, so serious that every kilowatt-hour saved matters. That’s what Robert Habeck, Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, proclaimed to Germans in a video message after Russia had again cut its gas flows, calling on them once more to save energy: “Now’s the time to do that. Every kilowatt-hour helps in this more

A look behind the scenes: What does a Product Manager at Gigaset do?
6. July 2022

What exactly is a Product Manager? What does their everyday life look like, and what are the tasks of a Product Manager at Gigaset? In the new video series, colleagues from Gigaset shed light on that and take us on a journey through their exciting profession. In the last video in our series, Lukas Brink more

Goodbye loneliness: Smart care made in China
3. June 2022

At the start of the lockdown many senior citizens worldwide signed up for Zoom for the first time so as to keep in contact with their families or order groceries online. Grandma and granddad learned how online banking works and that making digital payments by smartphone isn’t rocket science. By the start of the second more

Cut heating costs and save energy – with a smart home
25. January 2022

Energy and heating are making headlines and the CO2 price is rising. We face a 13% increase in heating costs in 2021 according to a forecast by co2online, a non-profit consulting company. That’s no surprise – the heating is the biggest energy guzzler in the home and also causes by far the highest CO2 emissions. more

Smart Security in Gigaset’s Smart Home
21. January 2022

“When Nate Roman arrived home from work, he noticed immediately that something was wrong. Someone had clearly entered his house in Marlborough, Massachusetts (about a 40-minute drive west of Boston) while he’d been away. But this person hadn’t stripped his house, they’d cleaned it! The 44-year-old wasn’t confronted with the home owner’s nightmare – ransacked more

Gigaset Alarm System L impresses in the ETM Testmagazin test
30. December 2021

Winter not only brings cold temperatures and poor weather, but also darkness. It gets light later and dark earlier – and that causes a variety of problems, both in terms of health and security. The protective cloak of darkness means that the number of break-ins and attempted burglaries is far higher in winter than in more

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