Cut heating costs and save energy – with a smart home
25. January 2022

Energy and heating are making headlines and the CO2 price is rising. We face a 13% increase in heating costs in 2021 according to a forecast by co2online, a non-profit consulting company. That’s no surprise – the heating is the biggest energy guzzler in the home and also causes by far the highest CO2 emissions. more

Smart Security in Gigaset’s Smart Home
21. January 2022

“When Nate Roman arrived home from work, he noticed immediately that something was wrong. Someone had clearly entered his house in Marlborough, Massachusetts (about a 40-minute drive west of Boston) while he’d been away. But this person hadn’t stripped his house, they’d cleaned it! The 44-year-old wasn’t confronted with the home owner’s nightmare – ransacked more

Gigaset Alarm System L impresses in the ETM Testmagazin test
30. December 2021

Winter not only brings cold temperatures and poor weather, but also darkness. It gets light later and dark earlier – and that causes a variety of problems, both in terms of health and security. The protective cloak of darkness means that the number of break-ins and attempted burglaries is far higher in winter than in more

Prevent fires during the advent season with the Gigaset Smoke Sensor 2.0
23. December 2021

You can bet your bottom dollar that December is the month with the most fires in rooms. “Why is that?” many of us will ask, rubbing their eyes incredulously as a result of the acrid smoke caused by blowing out the advent candles. And that’s precisely one of the reasons why: December is the month more

Winter is peak season for burglaries: Stay safe this winter with the Smart Security solutions from Gigaset
17. December 2021

There are a few things burglars definitely don’t like: occupants at home, vigilant neighbors, barking dogs, break-ins that take up too much time, and loud noises. What does that tell us? Burglars plan ahead, don’t take unnecessary risks, have strict working hours and appreciate peace and quiet. This blog post will examine these points in more

Personalized and on demand – Christmas gifts from the 3D printer
15. December 2021

We can guess from the festive fare that seems to creep onto supermarket shelves earlier and earlier, and yet it comes as a surprise every year: Christmas is just around the corner! So many friends, acquaintances and family members, but so little time to go shopping for gifts. If you don’t want the hassle of more

What to do when your smartphone goes missing
18. November 2021

It’s happened to 4 out of 10 of us, usually on vacation, mostly to women, and it’s usually never found again: The mobile phone and smartphone that has been lost or stolen. According to a representative survey commissioned by the digital association Bitkom, 10 percent of respondents said their phone had been stolen once – more

Lifestyle meets mobility: How the smart car controls the smart home
15. October 2021

Do you remember K.I.T.T.? The talking car David Hasselhoff used to chase criminals in the cult series “Night Rider” almost 40 years ago? K.I.T.T. was no normal car: Its in-built artificial intelligence allowed it to think, speak and even drive by itself. Hasselhoff alias Michael Knight only had to whisper “Get me out of here, more

Smart Home 2030 – what will our homes be like in the connected world of the future?
11. October 2021

“Just this week, the two Alexa-connected blinds in my bedroom failed to roll down at their scheduled time, and this morning, only one of them opened back up again. I have no idea what went wrong, because Alexa doesn’t offer any feedback when things fail. Those kinds of misfires are common in the smart home world. I’ve more

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