Saving energy in the smart home: combating exploding energy prices with smart helpers for the home
17. January 2023

Using resources sustainably is playing an increasingly important role for more and more people. Exploding energy costs and the risk of an energy price shock in winter, however, create whole new realities. Modern technologies can help save energy, which is probably why smart plugs are among the declared favorite products in the smart home. Some more

Tips for saving heating costs: Insulate your home easily
8. November 2022

In autumn 2022, the most popular small talk question is no longer “Have you had it yet?” but “Are you heating yet?”. Winter hasn’t even officially started yet and already many consumers are asking themselves how they can best minimise their heating costs and save money. We have collected the best tips on how to more

What is Home Connect Plus and how does it work?
1. November 2022

“With Home Connect Plus you can connect and control various smart home appliances and even entire systems from different manufacturers with just one app. Wasting time switching between apps becomes a thing of the past, giving you more time for the things that really matter. For an even smarter home to suit your needs: convenient, more

Aging in place: Smart Care makes it possible for seniors
25. October 2022

Many seniors, not only in Germany but worldwide, want to keep living at home for as long as possible. Researchers all over the world have found that the overwhelming majority of elderly people prefer to remain in their current home rather than move into a senior residence, as a recent study by the BCG shows. more

Tips for saving energy: It’s getting dark in Germany
13. October 2022

“There are a thousand people in the town I come from. There are twice as many in the neighboring one. 300,000 in the nearest city. And soon four million in Berlin. We’ve come so far and seen so much. So much has happened that we don’t understand. I don’t know, but I wonder. How did more

Saving electricity with Smart Home: why the digital helpers are becoming increasingly popular
29. September 2022

Energy prices are rising and the fall is approaching: Just about all consumers are faced with the question of how they can save heat and electricity. Smart home technologies play an important role in this context. The number of people who want to increase energy efficiency in their homes and reduce consumption with the aid more

Blackout in Germany – what to do in case of an emergency?
16. September 2022

In view of the energy crisis, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities has warned of widespread power outages in Germany. “Blackouts are a threat,” Chief Executive Gerd Landsberg said to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. The consequences of a complete blackout don’t bear thinking. If you want to know what they are, you should more

Saving energy with the smart home: Defying rising prices
15. August 2022

The news coming from the energy markets isn’t good. The aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, the energy transition and, last but not least, the war in Ukraine are driving up energy prices. Consequently, many people are already anxiously awaiting how high their new payments on account for their utility bill will be. However, the inevitable more

Smart solutions for greater security and convenience for seniors in the smart home
26. July 2022

Germany currently has the second-oldest population in the world, with 21% (or around 17.5 million citizens) aged 65 and above. About 6.2 million of those over 65 are single, including about 5.8 million who live alone, according to the Federal Statistical Office. An aging society means the total number of senior households has increased significantly. more

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