Beware: Phone scams with fake coronavirus promises are on the rise
28. June 2021

Everyone really ought to know and be on their guard against the scams and tricks used by con artists over the phone. Well, we say “really”, but fraudsters are adaptive and are adjusting their tricks to the situation all of us are currently in. Now they not only masquerade as relatives or public officials, but more

Quo vadis, communication?
7. January 2021

Raphael Dörr May 12, 2020 via LinkedIn The coronavirus crisis has presented all sectors of industry with huge challenges within a very short space of time. From abandoned work, strict protection and hygiene requirements at the workplace, or moving to work from home – hardly anyone has been spared. While, until recently, working from home more

Telephony trend: Making calls is popular, especially in the pandemic
11. December 2020

Telephony trend: “The horse does not eat cucumber salad” – that was the first sentence ever spoken on a telephone back in 1861. Many more important messages have been shared since – and now Germans make a combined total of 809 million minutes in calls a day, so making calls is popular, especially during the more

Business Telephony: “Made in Germany” as a unique selling point
1. December 2020

This post on Business Telephony was published on LinkedIn on November 13, 2020 by Anne Dickau. The post can be viewed, liked or shared at this link. Business Telephony: Spoilt for choice The global market for phone manufacturers is large. Customers can choose from a host of providers worldwide and thousands of phone models – more

Benefits of VoIP telephony
20. November 2020

This post on VoIP telephony was published on LinkedIn on November 17 by Christian Schepke. The post can be viewed, liked or shared at this link. Flexible, intelligent and cost-effective: That’s how companies imagine their communications solutions. Outdated ISDN phone systems can no longer keep up in this regard and don’t meet needs anymore. Numerous more

Noise pollution is detrimental to business – high audio quality is vital
12. November 2020

This post about noise pollution and audio quality was published on LinkedIn on August 31 by Ralf Lueb. “Hello, hello? Can you hear me?” Whether it’s in the open-plan office, surrounded by loud colleagues, or working from home, where the neighbor has to mow the lawn yet again: Disruptions and excessive background noise affect our more

Cloud-based telephony: Equipped today for communication of tomorrow
4. November 2020

The coronavirus crisis has led to a surge in digitalization at many German companies almost overnight. That is especially true in the field of communication – including telephony. The use of cloud telephony in business is something new, particularly in Germany. According to IDG’s 2019 Smart Business Communications Study, 49 percent of the total of more

Home Office: From the kitchen table to the office
2. November 2020

This interview with Raphael Dörr, SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Gigaset, was published on funkschau.de on September 29, 2020. The interview on the subject of home office and the impact of the pandemic on everyday life at the company was conducted by Diana Künstler. The coronavirus pandemic meant that many companies quickly had more

Working from home Office attracts vishers
7. October 2020

To set things straight right away: Vishers are not fishers, a vishing call is not a call from a fisher, and vishing definitely has nothing to do with fishing. According to the definition of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the term “vishing” stands for “voice phishing” or “phishing via VoIP” and refers more

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