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5 advantages of the fixed-line phone

1. September 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

The fixed-line connection used to be the gateway to the world. The switchboard operator was the charming gatekeeper who opened it. From today’s vantage point, however, it was more of a small gap. After all, today’s smartphones not only permit telephony, but also offer access to the Internet – and thus to a sheer inexhaustible source of knowledge. So it’s no surprise that almost 90 percent of Germans use such a mobile all-rounder. Nevertheless, the advantages of the landline phone can’t be dismissed out of hand, as we show in this article.

Advantages of the fixed-line phone no. 1: Independence from the mobile network

Policymakers have stressed for decades that they’re steadily pressing ahead with construction of the mobile network. And network operators also boast about high network coverage of over 90 percent. However, independent studies show that coverage in Germany is significantly lower at around 70 percent. So if you live in a rural area and are unlucky, you may simply find yourself without a mobile phone network at home. And even in cities, reception is sometimes inadequate in old apartments with their solid brick walls. A fixed-line phone solves that problem – and makes sure you can be reached.

Advantages of the fixed-line phone no. 2: Included in the Internet contract

There are DSL or cable contracts without a telephone connection – but that doesn’t automatically mean they’re cheaper. Why should you then do without something you’re already paying for? So quickly and easily connect a landline phone and use the connection you have anyway.

It’s important to know that even high-quality fixed-line phones no longer cost a fortune. Truly smart spenders can also take advantage of special offers and get a really good bargain.

Advantages of the fixed-line phone no. 3: Special numbers and international calls

In recent years, prices for mobile telephony have fallen almost constantly. Nevertheless, some mobile phone contracts harbor one or the other cost trap. In particular, calls to certain special numbers or international calls via the mobile network are still more expensive than via the fixed-line network.

In addition, a landline connection lets you make call-to-call calls, where you select a provider for a specific call by dialing an additional area code. In this way, you benefit from cheaper rates. But how do you find out the area code? Simply by looking it up on a comparison website on the Internet.

Advantages of the fixed-line phone no. 4: Backup for the smartphone

A smartphone is a faithful companion in all life situations. But because it travels a lot with its owner, it’s in constant danger of disappearing: In a recent study, 40 percent of the smartphone users surveyed said that they had already lost their smartphone or had it stolen.

Then there are the countless phones that are dropped or end up in the water. With a few exceptions like the Gigaset GX290 plus, smartphones are very sensitive devices. So it’s a good feeling to be able to be reached by your loved ones via the fixed-line network if you’re unable to use your own mobile phone.

Advantages of the fixed-line phone no. 5: Less radiation

The radiation emitted by a phone depends on its transmitting power. The higher the power, the more radiation is produced during a phone call.

The emitted radiation is naturally lowest with corded phones. If your cordless telephone has ECO DECT, the transmitting power is automatically adjusted to reflect the situation and the distance from the base station. The radiation in standby mode is 0%.

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