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A look behind the scenes: What does a Product Manager at Gigaset do?

6. July 2022 Published by Raphael Doerr

What exactly is a Product Manager? What does their everyday life look like, and what are the tasks of a Product Manager at Gigaset? In the new video series, colleagues from Gigaset shed light on that and take us on a journey through their exciting profession. In the last video in our series, Lukas Brink provides insights into the everyday life of a Product Manager in the Smart Home segment at Gigaset, and explains how a smart home system can simply be implemented in your own home.

At Gigaset, the tasks of a Product Manager in the Smart Home segment include firstly analyzing the market for current trends so that corresponding products can be developed. It’s important in this to recognize what customers need and which problems the product should solve. The Product Manager also accompanies the entire product development process, working together with other departments involved within and outside the company.

Thanks to its modular design, the Gigaset Smart Home system is simple to use, can be expanded flexibly and combined with more than 15 sensors and actuators, allowing it to be adapted to each customer’s needs. The Gigaset Smart Plug is part of the basic configuration of a Smart Home system. As a Product Manager at Gigaset Lukas Brink is currently working on developing the Smart Plug 2.0.

“Today’s Smart Home customer is usually someone who is just starting out with Smart Home. They haven’t had much contact with it as yet, so they’re not very familiar with it. But the good thing about a smart plug is that it’s easy to understand. With it, you can be sure that an electrical appliance is plugged in and can then be switched on and off wherever you happen to be.”

You can now watch the full video here or on YouTube.

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