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Android 8.1 Oreo update available for the Gigaset GS270 smartphone

15. October 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

When the Gigaset GS270 was premiered in the fall of 2017, there were numerous questions about the update policy. There was uncertainty as to whether there would be an update to Android 8.1 Oreo. Gigaset already explicitly stated back then that there would be. It is now available and can be installed by users.

What benefits does Android 8.1 Oreo offer?

Clearer arrangement of settings

Google’s developers have overhauled the settings and not only given them a new icon, but also greatly reduced the number of items. The adjustments mean there are now just a total of 13 menu items in the settings. That helps improve clarity.

Improved file manager

The file manager of Android 8 has been revised and now offers you functions for copying, moving and creating structures. Interactive features required to delete, copy or move files are also offered. New folders can also be created and files moved to them.

Longer battery life

One of key new features of Android 8 is that the battery life has been extended noticeably thanks to restrictive management of background activities. You can tailor the look of the status bar to your requirements using the System UI Tuner. Apart from the restrictions to background activities in order to help lengthen the battery life, the battery menu has also been revised.

Smart text and autofill

The smart text feature is also innovative: When you tap or select text, context-sensitive functions are offered. If a phone number is selected, the phone app is displayed, as is Google Maps if an address is chosen. With the new autofill feature, Android automatically recognizes forms and, on the basis of the on-screen content, proposes information for filling them out. That can be passwords, addresses, credit card data or other stored information.

New emojis

With Android 8, Google has expanded its collection of emojis and added new ones. Their appearance has also been revised.

Information on installation

The version “Pure Android™ 8.1 Oreo™” is now available to users of the Gigaset GS270 and GS270 plus with the new software release. Please note that if you wish to switch to the new operating system version, you have to store your fingerprint profile and WiFi password again. These adjustments may also affect the apps you use. Your personal data is not deleted by the update. Nevertheless, we advise you to back up important data beforehand. Reinstallation is required to ensure the security of your personal information and offer you the extensive advantages Android 8.1 delivers in terms of enhanced user-friendliness.

As soon as you have installed the already available interim update (Android 7), please proceed as follows:

1. You can view and call the software update to Android 8.1 Oreo at any time under Settings –> About phone –> System updates.
2. To carry out the update, make sure your device is adequately charged. To ensure that you do not use up your data volume unnecessarily, we advise you to carry out the update over a stable WiFi connection.


  • davod mamaghani 19.04.2020

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly, is it possible to upgrade Gigset gs 270 plus to Android 9.0?
    If answer is positive, would you please when you do that?
    Thank you very very much
    Best Regards,

    • Raphael Doerr 27.04.2020

      Dear Mr. Mamaghani,

      Thank you very much – this is not possible.

      Best regards

  • Eduard 03.10.2020

    When is coming upgrade for gs270 plus to android 10?

    • Raphael Doerr 06.10.2020

      Hi Eduard,

      The upgrade to Android 10 is available and can be installed.

      Best, ^RD

  • BM 10.10.2020

    Could you please explain how to do this? Many thanks in advance for your prompt reply and kind help.

    • Jana Greyling 03.12.2020


      thank you for your question. You can view and call the software update at any time under Settings –> About phone –> System updates.

      Kind regards

  • BM 12.10.2020

    Dear Raphael, please let us know how to run this upgrade to android 10. I have checked everything in the settings and I have no clue (G 270 plus) . Thanks in advance.

    • Jana Greyling 11.12.2020


      thank you for your question. If you can’t find the option to upgrade in the settings it would be best for you to contact our service center.

      Kind regards

  • Eduard 01.01.2021

    Hello and happy new year! How to do upgrade from android8.1 to 10 for gs270 plus? The sistem upgrade do not show upgrade to android 10.

    • Jana Greyling 18.01.2021

      Hello Eduard,

      thank you for your question. If the phone is not showing that you need to do an update then there is currently no update available for the GS270.

      Kind regards

  • Peter 18.11.2021

    Hey, is there any possibility to download Android 7 for Gigaset GS270 as a file not as an update?

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