The new Gigaset AS690 family: the for-all phones

14. November 2019 Published by Raphael Doerr

 The AS690 family is growing. The AS690 and AS690A models have been on the market since May 2019. Now, with the AS690HX, Gigaset adds an universal handset for operation on routers as well as a supplementary handset for existing systems. The AS690 models are characterized by a high-contrast display, large buttons, intuitive operations and excellent voice quality.

All variants – whether with or without an answering machine or as a universal handset – are manufactured at the plant in Bocholt in North Rhine-Westphalia. The models of the AS-Class come in an attractive appearance and are characterized by high-gloss black color.

The practical solution for router-based telephony

Plug the power adapter into the socket, press the connection button on the DECT router, start the connection and go: The new AS690HX universal handset offers maximum convenience. Many internet routers are now taking over the tasks of the former phone base station. They offer answering machine functions and work together with various cordless handsets. Gigaset recognized the trend towards universal handsets for routers several years ago and launched the HX handset series; by now the largest selection of router-based handsets on the market. The new AS690HX now joins this family.

The AS690HX brings along a slim charger station and connects directly with the existing router. The highlight: the device is compatible with different standards and always offer maximum functionality and the best voice quality. They are the perfect extension for both DECT / GAP routers and routers with the DECT CAT-iq 2.0 standard such as the AVM FRITZ! Box or Telekom Speedport. “Our new AS690HX handles both protocols,” says Manfred Heuermann, senior product manager for the AS690 family. “We offer – as with all our HX handsets – not only comfort, but also future proof technology. No matter the router, our HX handset work.”

Everything on board, what a telephone needs

The AS690HX places well in the hand and is easy to operate thanks to intuitive menu navigation. The illuminated black and white graphic display with high contrast is easy to read. 180 hours of readiness and 14 hours of talk time allow for long calls with the best voice quality, no matter what the use. The AS690HX offers two hands-free profiles, is hearing aid compatible and the integrated echo mode improves the acoustics. The volume is 5 levels selectable. The phone book can store up to 100 names and numbers, the do-not-remember up to 32 fixed lock numbers. Missed calls are shown in the display and the flashing handset button, the day-night mode prevents unwanted interference at a later time.

Three variants, many similarities

The new Gigaset AS690HX is therefore recommended as a strong new representative in the HX product family. But the two sister models AS690 and AS690A, which have been on the market since May, are exciting new alternatives for telephone pragmatists. All models always offer the best ergonomics and audio quality, ease of use and an attractive price. The DECT technology ensures the absolutely stable connection to the base station and thus the unbeatable fixed network quality. The best thing is that cordless phones from Gigaset are equipped with ECO DECT, making them not only particularly economical, but also extremely low-radiation. The radio power is automatically reduced with the distance to the base station. In standby mode, the devices are even completely radiation-free – a clear advantage in terms of sustainability.

The price recommendation make the decision easy: the models AS690 and AS690HX in black cost 39.99 euros (RRP) each, the AS690A is 49.99 euros (RRP).


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