Why Auto Provisioning has the Future

9. April 2018 Published by Raphael Doerr

Auto provisioning is a familiar aspect for every telecom reseller. Uploading the necessary configuration and account data to a telephony device allows end users to optimally use their device and benefit from its features. Auto provisioning is the next level. At Gigaset pro, all our devices offer auto provisioning options to easily connect to servers of the most telephony platforms, and download both provider and user specific parameters. This way, all device parameters can be modified automatically, without the need to have a technician on-site. Auto provisioning offers various benefits for both end users and resellers, which makes it an aspect telecom companies simply cannot ignore – now and in the future.

Quick, efficient set-up

One of the largest advantages of auto provisioning is the fact that resellers are able to deliver a device straight from the warehouse to the end user. All you have to do is send it to the customer, who can connect the device to the company network himself. The most recent settings are automatically configured and added to the device. And if a new firmware is available, the device will automatically be updated. Thanks to this ‘plug and play’ method, minimal user interaction is required and the end user experiences more comfort. The reseller on the other hand is no longer obliged to visit customers every time a new device needs to be installed. And even when visiting the end customer on-site, auto provisioning minimizes the time it takes to install a device.


Not only the set-up requires minimal user interaction, this also applies to keeping the device up to date with the latest settings. A lot of telecom platforms also contain a web interface. Here, end users are able to manage their telephony environment. When making changes, for example in the business contact directory, all modifications are automatically uploaded to all devices. And since new configurations are also automatically implemented, end users are always assured of the right settings. What if an end user somehow manages to make incorrect changes to his telephony environment via the interface? In that case, all settings are loaded automatically via a reset of the device combined with auto provisioning. The end user is now able to use his device without the need to wait for a service technician.

Personal support

At Gigaset pro, we believe the possibilities of auto provisioning and telephony platforms help to optimally serve end users. However, personal support is crucial in this matter for every telecom manufacturer. That’s why we collaborate with partners to make sure our devices are suitable for as many IP platforms as possible. In Europe, there are over a hundred different IP and Unified Communications (UC) platforms, and they are changing every day. Gigaset pro supports the most important ones and also smaller platforms. However, we also need to help resellers who offer a platform that we don’t support yet. Together, we go into the question: how do we create the optimal communications solution consisting of the specific platform and our devices? Often, on-site support is the best and quickest way to implement auto provisioning.

In our opinion, this is the only way to optimally serve the market. Nowadays, businesses require a communications solution, instead of only separate devices, to support their employees in doing their daily job. Resellers and telecom manufacturers need to join forces to offer customers the best service from both parties. It’s the only way to provide them with a thorough communications solution – including all modern telephony functions and high quality devices – to make their business future proof.

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